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Sleepmakeswaves Melodic Audio Maps

Melodic rock can be a tricky devil for the most part, my personal listening opinion has usually ended up thinking it was too soft, too power ballad-y or “why don’t they have lyrics to this?” on what I’ve heard before. With the recent ear-love affair in listening to Russian Circles, I have a new appreciation for instrumental rock but I’m not quite on board… across the board. After giving the Sydney based group Sleepmakeswaves a listen I can say the previous sentiments I had on instrumental rock were put to rest but a few remain. There're great songs on this album like Perfect Detonator and Great Northern that don’t leave me hanging in anticipation for the audio punch to make contact but there’s the somber (it’s gonna get slow guitar) “braaaaaang” on Trace in Constellations that brought me down from the high. The Stars Are Stigmata was a track that I was able to easily escape away with and fully dig amongst a good deal of the other songs, it gave you a sense of adventure and discovery while a scene plays out in your head, it was great. The album has guitars that sing beautifully while soaring out of your speakers but it's best heard in the personal space of your headphones to fully enjoy the experience.

Don’t hesitate to let go because once you do, it’s a great ride that’ll have you laid out and Sleepmakeswaves ends it perfectly, yes… my time WILL come again. Listen to Something Like Avalanches below to get an idea on what they sound like, if interested in purchasing the album click over to their Bandcamp page.

Ill Clinton In the 'Depths'

Recently coming into audio contact with Ill Clinton, I've been embracing some beats that have a darker and profound sound to them. I've been listening to some of his past works and now that this new one will be coming out, I felt compelled to share it with you guys. There are currently two singles ('Namm', 'Tylenol Fluid') that you can listen to, they both have this smokey dusty twisted sound to them and it sounds great. Check out the tracks and support the talent by preordering the album which drops Feb. 19, 2013. Oh yeah... there might be something in the WGM air with Ill so stay tuned!

Starchild 'Astro Fox' Power Waves

Giant fam Starchild has release tape 1 out of 12 in a new beat series called Cosmic Creatures entitled 'Astro Fox', a spacey mix of funky goodness that will make the Tarantula Nebula seem like a kids project. Oh yeah 'Hank's Finest'... yes sweet lord yes, there's King of the Hill sample! Gotta love the intro, mid-tro and outro tracks, this whole tape can ride out and sounds great at high volumes. Give it a listen and drop some currency support for the talent. Can't wait to hear the rest of the albums!

Brooklyn Shanti Departure Lounges With Man Mantis

When I thought about pairing these two together I thought it was a great idea, now that I've heard actual music and how it turned out I'm getting greedy... I want more. With Man Mantis' chill sounds and brother Shanti on vocals, it brings a cool smooth tale of past relationships that affect many. One of the best suggested duos of recent date is right here. Now if more can get on board and create more good music, I would gladly be content with posting music like this all day if I could. You can also buy the tracks 'Departure Lounges and Girlfriend Experience below.


<a href="">Departure Lounges / Girlfriend Experience by Brooklyn Shanti x Man Mantis</a>