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Rasheed Chappell's Life Beyond The Music

[youtube][/youtube]Wow. So get this folks... the album a good amount of us have been waiting for is almost here (July 12th). I remember meeting Marcus and talking to him about said artist and conducting an interview, then instantly becoming a fan when I heard his music and met the guy. Went on to do the interview, take some shots for him, design some covers and even make my first video (Thanks Sheed!) for him just because I believe in his talent. I was embraced by his people and felt like a part of something big, seeing that ill J Dilla LP and all that crazy equipment in the studio was insane Kenny! Rasheed is a cool talented artist and felt blessed I was able to participate in part of his voyage to the top... you deserve it dude and with the prowess of beat-master Kenny Dope I KNOW you will get there.

Lennon the Walrus

[youtube width="600" height="360"][/youtube]A great interview by rogue 14yr old Jerry Levitan in 1969 put together with an amazing visual look by James Braithwaite and Alex Kurina. Jerry snuck into Lennon's hotel room and convinced him to do an interview. The message was always the same with John Lennon... peace. Find your own way to believe and fight for peace.

WGM x Mexican Institute of Sound Interview

WGM sat down with Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sound at this years LAMC and stepped into his world for a few.  Lara is Vice-President of EMI Mexico, DJ/Producer, avid vinyl collector (over 45K!), and has created one of the most original sounds to come out of Mexico. M.I.S. is part of the Mexican electronic music movement that has garnered a lot of attention here in the states lately and it's becoming increasingly popular. His sound is a beautiful mash-up of different genres (Cumbia, Banda, Cha-Cha, classic samples, etc.) and concepts to create a fantastic sound that is seldom heard and gets everyone moving for sure. He's been in NY Times, Spin, URB and his music has been featured in Ugly Betty, Californication, Dos Equis ad's, and EA's FIFA 08 and 10 and many other places.

For my non-español speaking readers a translation has been posted under the video... enjoy!

WGM: Is there a formula you have to create the M.I.S. sound?M.I.S: Honestly not really, what I do is grab all the music I like and put it in a pot or process it and do whatever comes out. I'd like to work with punk, ska, rocksteady or reggae but ultimately what comes out always has a portion of where I'm from and my culture. I'd like to do Kraftwerk but what I end up doing is that.

WGM: M.I.S. include the typical sounds of Mexico, do you use that to show part of your culture?M.I.S: Well what's weird about that is, I think in the end I don't like to be an ambassador of the traditional but I do like it... then I do it. I think that Cumbia has these elements and is one of the important underground movements in Latin America. There is Cumbia in Argentina, in Columbia there's Cumbia and in Mexico there is Cumbia but it's not the mainstream. The mainstream music in Mexico would be the Norteno, or the Banda but Cumbia is always there. In Mexico you hear Cumbia in the neighborhoods and parties. It's in places where you won't normally hear it like in the radio, on video but it's always there in the top of mind of the people. I think that's what I have that connects us to other countries that we have Cumbia, it's like the Hip-Hop of the people.

WGM: Can you define M.I.S. in one word?M.I.S: Umm one word.. well I would say eclectic haha. At the end its chaotic enough as to not define something but yeah it has a little of everything. Also I sometimes just like to do things that's not just for Spanish Rock, not just for Americans, not for the Mexicans but make music in general for all.

WGM: What new projects are you working on?M.I.S: I'm working on a project with Money Mark whose worked with the Beastie Boys, and also one that I just finished collaborating with Julieta Venegas for a track. I also now did something for the Beastie Boys as well and for Morrissey. It's like I've been involved with a lot of projects lately but I've just finished my new album with Money Mark and expect to have it ready for next year.

WGM would like to thank Camilo for his time and Cookman for all their help!

"Yo digo baila, tu dices dance."

Be sure to check out his current album Soy Sauce, and support good music!

WGM x the1shanti Interview

the1shanti aka India Bambaataa invited us over to listen to some amazing tracks from upcoming projects  and we started to talk about the music industry and what life may bring from this constant grind-mode most of us have going on now. It turned into a real deep convo where we discussed more than just making music, but what and where you can end up as you yourself are used as a musical tool to reach others with your auditory stories.  We are all tools of communication and have to learn that it  has to flow thru us so we reach others, some have different methods to bring out their music but essentially you are an organic device to where sounds emit from and tell a story or communicate with others. We had an absolute blast that day and heard some crazy tracks so stay tuned to WGM for info! Peace to the1shanti for having us and shedding some light into his world... a true Giant indeed.


the1shanti's music: the1shanti's Rawkus, Attack Of The Flow! EP, Two Ears And A Heart Mixtape

There's a gazillion projects (literally) coming up with the1shanti and other artists so stay tuned to WGM for more info!

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