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Want In On Some Acid Drop? *Now With Beats*

No I'm not talking about that kind of drop but I am talking about Daniel Isles' new project Acid Drop, a dark and urban grit story about Charlie Cooper, a professional killer that's trying to leave the ultra violent and drug filled game. Being the best comes with consequences so his buyout price is a hefty one, his last mission is a tough one against The Black Cat Cafe. If he manages to survive he then can fulfill his buyout clause of the contract he currently abides by. This is going to be pretty interesting and is one of those graphic novels that's worth supporting on Kickstarter. Daniel sent this in and I became very interested in working with him on this, the art style caught my attention and also as a reader am wondering how the rest of the world will unfold under the pen. I am going to be currently supporting the Acid Drop project in others ways to help bring awareness if this project to others, you might be seeing this a few times on my timeline.

The Kickstarter project has 23 days to go so you have some time to read some more on the project and the cool offerings that Daniel has to offer for it's supporters. I leave you with the Kickstarter video and what Daniel has to say about the project below.

You can also download the beat tape by Smith The Mister and producer Myke Forte titled 'Supreme Headblast Beat Tape' made exclusively for this project. Read and download some tunes for free here.

"The beautifully showcased Graphic Novel called Acid Drop, is a dark & gritty thriller that will take you on a journey like no other...

...Following the life of a professional killer who goes by the name Mr Charlie Cooper; Charlie is a man who wants out, to disappear from the game for good, but in order to do so he must fulfill the buyout clause within his contract. Unfortunately, being one of the finest in the business means that his freedom will only be available to him at the highest of costs.

His latest job is a suicide mission to topple the group known as The Black Cat Cafe and their psychotic leader. If he manages to complete this final act of his career and survive a world of drugs, violence and unadulterated mayhem, it will be enough for him to leave the game for good with no strings attached."

Official Acid Drop siteKickstarterTwitter

NY Comic Con Thoughts Part 2

Verse two, coming with that Olde E brew err.. I meant Comic Con part 2 with a bit more of the toys on display, from the awesome threeA figures, Square Enix Batman, Bandai's incredibly extensive Gundam (not Gangnam) line to a ridiculously cool custom Galactus figure/statue someone made in Artist Alley. There are quite a few more shots to share (40+) on here and will be posted in-between the music and art, I don't want to take over the site with these shots but still show you the pure awesome of what is Comic Con for those that didn't go. I hope that with these shots you get that itch to go and get your pass for next years convention!