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The Josh Craig Experience Live

Last Friday I got a special invite from the homie Josh Craig to check out a live studio performance of his band The Josh Craig Experience, it was a much-needed listen and could only wish there were more of these performances going around. After finding the studio and thinking if people get murdered (it was dark as hell) by those nearby woods, I took a sit in the dimly lit space and awaited the sounds. After a while the small group of invitees was gathered round the band with drinks n' smokes which made the atmosphere very chill, the band started playing (fantastic) and every one vibed out. The WorxLife homies were there in full effect as well, it was nice to see the local support all around. On to the sounds... man these guys played great. The horns blared, guitars awesome strang and Josh did his thing, it was great and must say the energy he brings to the band is excellent. It was a mix of Jazz, Hip-Hop and funk, how could they go wrong?! Well they didn't. The solos were clap n' yell worthy and drums were on point, it was as if the band had been together for many many years... it felt that comfortable and good. It was short lived due to me having to step out once it started really poppin off, but every single minute of the music was a welcomed neighbor to my ears.

Josh Craig Listening Party Impressions

On Thursday I stopped by Black Flag Shoppe to pick up some tees and the homie Omar told me to pass thru later that night for Josh Craig's album listening party, I've seen the guy before and maybe met him (horrible memory) but didn't remember too well if he did music and what kind. After I put Lil Giant to bed I headed over there with Portishead blasting for a few and came back with some new music to crank up and a great experience from a new artist. Josh Craig was celebrating his second album release "No Manager... No Problem!!!" and had a live band with him there performing some of the tracks. It was a packed house in BFS and felt like we were in an oven... but we didn't care, everyone was enjoying themselves yelling and rhyming along with Craig, overall it was a great first impression of his music. The music was live and that band he had was too dope so obvious my interest went up after a short while of that live Hip-Hop and I decided to purchase the phisycal album. The album is call "No Manager... No Problem!!!" and he's literally doing it all without that, it's great to see folks living thru what they craft and seeing it come alive. I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard and wish I can get a recording of that live set, it had a great combination of Hip-Hop, Rock, and a slight Jazz touch. The music was fun and never took itself too serious from what I heard and it's something that set the mood of everyone there. I'm usually very quiet when in these sessions just so I can hear, observe the artist and how everyone reacts to the music and I got a great vibe from all that was there while the homie O stood on top of a table with a beer yelling haha. Once again another testament to folks uniting and doing what they do while having fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The music was good live, now I gotta give the album a few spins and let you guys know what I think in the next few days. For now lend Josh Craig your ears for a few and make that move.