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Pardon The Stranger - That's Why

Pardon The Stranger has released another track as promised. Continuing the great flow started by their earlier release 'Around The Corner' it seems like it can only get better after this, they have gained a new follower of their music and most definitely rep Jersey right. If I keep getting music like this I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to stay away from the mainstream or known artists and solely rely on locals for good music.

[audio: PTS-TW.mp3] Download: Pardon The Stranger - That's Why

Pardon The Stranger - Around the Corner

Jersey's Pardon The Stranger (DefDom & Kendal Good) just released a new track and coming out from a bit of hibernation, bringing the aural relaxation for your ears... it sounds 'o soo good. Painting a scene of floating primary colors and explosive slo-mo space DefDom creates more ear candy to accompany Kendal's soulful outpouring. Can't wait to see what else is in store from PTS!

[audio: PTS-ATC.mp3] Download: Pardon The Stranger - Around The Corner