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ChocQuibTown In Full Effect at Summerstage LAMC

ChocQuibTown... damn they ripped it up! I heard of them first from my bro-in-law and liked their song "De Donde Vengo Yo" which is the same song on the video posted below but I didn't think their live performance was going to be THAT good. They had everyone bumping and singing along as the Columbian Hip-Hop group went from one track to the other there was flags waving in the air, people screaming and jumping while the heat beat down on us but couldn't bring the mood down. ChocQuibTown put on a great show and now I can't wait to see them again live, I have a few other vids coming up but wanted to put my favorite out there first! It was hot, intense, beautiful, and united in sound that day... Enjoy and stay on the look out for more performances from ChocQuibTown here soon. [youtube][/youtube]

Rita Indiana Live at LAMC Summerstage

This last weekend we passed by the LAMC event at Central Park's Summerstage to finally catch a live set of Dominican artist Rita Indiana y Los Mysterios. As you will see her partners in dance had some questionable (FILA short shorts) gear on, but regardless it was awesome to finally see a Dominican artist on the LAMC bill. The energy was fantastic and so was the music, you will also hear Marlon a best friend of mine yelling "Semillaoooow" at the beginning of the first video compilation below of the songs "Jardinera" and "El Juidero"... retard haha. The second video is one of my favorite songs "La Hora De Volve" I hope you all dig it as much as we did. This event had a great representation from Columbia and DR in the crowd this year and as always nice to see people from different backgrounds uniting in music.



WGM Interviews Wil-Dog of Ozomatli

[youtube][/youtube]Another video from the unreleased WGM vaults is an interview I did with Wil-Dog from Ozomatli, a dope live band from Cali that has contributed many good things to life and music. They just came back from performing in China and Mongolia, and also representing the United States as cultural embassadors at the time of the interview. Ozo's sound is made up of many cultures and genres mixed together to create something that had all of us jumpin and thumpin in Brooklyn at last years LAMC. At the same time that they have everyone reciting and dancing to their music, they also do a lot in communities/countries and reach out to people in need. On level with the When Giants Meet vision of cultural and musical intake also lending a hand to those in need, Wil-Dog let's us know what goes on in their travels, sounds, and the causes that they are down with.

Yes it was mad noisy at the hotel, there was like 1000 sites and artists doing interviews at the same time haha. Hope you enjoy the interview!
For more information on Ozomatli check their site, and follow them on Twitter along with Wil-Dog!
Tijoux's Elephant In The Room

Alright everyone this is wordsmith queen Ana Tijoux's mixtape making it her 6th studio album, if you never heard of this awesome emcee...your welcome. 'Elephant's progression and sound bought back memories buying mixtapes on 181st in front of Woolworths, while meshing the dope flow and quality Spanish Hip-Hop she's known for. Having seen the artist at last years LAMC and as witnessed by tons of folks, the emcee has staying power and has garnered many fans in Hip-Hop journey. The tape produced by DJ Tee and mixed by DJ Dacel contains remixes to some of her hits and mixing jazzy and reggaeton beats while carrying the tape flow perfectly to the end. Something to bump your speakers to and another addition to one of the biggest Latin Hip-Hop movements in a while, well worth the download and to be shared... get it now! Download: Ana Tijoux - Elephant Mixtape Kudos to the designer on the cover, tracklist after the jump!

1. Tambalea 2. Obstaculo 3. Problema De 2 4. La Rosa De Los Vientos Remix 5. Partir De Cero Remix 6. Un Dia Cualquiera Remix 7. Crisis De Un MC Remix 8. Pie Izquierdo Remix 9. Mar Adentro Remix 10. La Vida Es Como Un Sueño Remix 11. Sube Remix 12. Nueva Condena Remix 13. 1977 Remix

Los Rakas Bumpin In La 'Kalle'

[youtube width="600" height="355"][/youtube]The Panamanian Oakland brothers Los Rakas recently released the official video for 'Kalle' which was filmed when they were here last year for LAMC (WGM was there!) while performing every night in NYC. All you saw was groups of people and cameras following the homies around the whole entire time in the hotel haha. Giving respect where respect is due, they have added something good to the Latin Hip-Hop culture which was a bit stagnant if you ask me. Heavy bass keeping with the O-Town sound and Raka lyrics that will make ya grandma sick, the track goes in my Hip-Hop book. Peep the vid and let em know wassup.

"A Katy, a Suuuuzy le gusta Raka Music." ....Gotta love the chorus.