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Prime Yeezus Re-Do's

KWY_RDWith Yeezus setting some sites in a fiery fervor or immense boredom, this might be the album that has the most controversy so far in 2013. Kanye obviously knows what he's doing regardless of how focused/unfocused you think Yeezus is but take a listen to some of these dope remixes floating around Soundcloud now.

My verdict of Yeezus: An acquired taste for sure and not everyone will appreciate it. I enjoyed it mostly.

Lakim is 'Stuck In The 90s'

La-La-La-Lakim... this dude has to be one of my all time favorite beat instrumentalists, I love the unconventional sounds and tracks that come out of his craft. First I knew was those Project Mercury (1 and 2) releases and then 'Angels With Filthy Souls' took it on the nostalgia trip which I'm always down for, now he meshes sounds from one of my favorite era's... the 90's. Thankful for Luigi-Bo 87 for pushing Lakim to release these tracks, another great compilation of the past given that Lakim twist which makes it sounds original in it's own right.

Lakim and 'Angels With Filthy Souls'

Another amazing instrumental piece just dropped by Lakim, ever since that first time I heard Project Mercury 2 (Obviously missed Project 1) he's been a favorite. This EP is a tribute to the sounds he grew up on, you can hear the records crackling and feel the dust layer on those LP's with this one. You will hear those choruses and samples from the songs you thought you were too young to like and those you were playing in High School with a Lakim twist. Short and sweet with 10 tracks 'Angels With Filthy Souls' never outwelcomes its stay and a album to furtur showcase what great talent we have in these streets with no names.

"Keep the change you filthy animal..."