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Astro Astro Dale Astro

I have a weird like/dislike relationship with MGMT so when I received this album I was a little skeptical about Astro, which has been compared to the Chilean version of the popular band. However, listening thru the album a few times I've experienced nothing but a fun atmosphere and sounds like the boys had a lot of good times making it. The sound is light hearted with an enjoyable pace, it also has a great sense of energy throughout. From the synth one chord cool sound of 'Ciervos' to the bitmapped 'Miu-Miu' then with 'Nueces de Bangladesh' heavy distorted sound, it has good range and stays sonically interesting from start to finish. Astro's self-titled album is a good nod to Latin music and it's progression towards different sounds, they also remind me a bit of El Guincho with their imaginative lyrics and synths. Sometimes you just want good music without the politics and picking sides, the Astro album is perfect for that and that's what makes it so much fun. If this Indie-Pop group stays on course and keeps developing their sound, Astros' future will bring great joy to everyones ears. While sounding great and all fun, I'd like to hear them explore more of an individual sound for Astro instead of me instantly comparing them because of similar sounds... not that it's a bad thing but you know. Those whom don't speak Spanish might be alienated a little because of the all Spanish lyrics but the sounds will totally carry you over and at the end of the day it's about the music. Mission accomplished. You can buy their album on iTunes now for a cool $7.99. 'Ciervos' is their first single/video off the self-titled album which you can watch below. 

Stephen Chai & The No-Nation Orchestra Gives Us 'More More More'

Stephen Chai of Laserfang fame has returned with a few friends and a new band called No-Nation Orchestra to take us on a soulful uplifting travel through the funky fields of horns and drums. This EP brings sounds familiar to those that listen to afrobeat, funk, with jazzy undertones that prove highly enjoyable and even danceable. Stephens voice billows out reminiscent of the Bee Gees yet smoother with a hint of THC and visions of purple fields fading in, it carries over each track beautifully as the captain in this ever-flowing romp thru the soul and inner beat. I would love to hear this whole EP live, I loved the rhythm of The No-Nations start and made me miss outdoor summer night concerts already! This 5 track EP is well worth it's 5 dollar price tag, as it will have you shaking, grooving and take you to a place where Kuti would've been proud and jamming right along with em.

WGM - I Wish I Could Scuba Mixtape

Welcome to another installment of WGM's experimental sound tapes, this time around we are gearing up for the heat with some chill tracks to welcome the waters and everything that the summer weather may bring. The concept starts with the flows of tracks ranging from swimming around to scuba diving and even setting the mood of eating at the beach and partying it up at night. Little random fact for my Giants... the cover is made of two photographs I took while in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Aquarium last year. I hope you all like the tape as it was fun creating it and there will be more! When Giants Meet - I Wish I Could Scuba Mixtape by WGMeets

Mediafire Link

Tracklist: 1 - Sea Things - Windowpane 2 - Work Drugs - Rad Racer (Take It Easy Dean Jagger Remix) 3 - Atilla - Beat So Fresh 4 - Cibelle - Sereia, Amor d' Agua (Remake) 5 - Plaid - This City Is Hell 6 - Datahowler - Ghosts Inside Live 7 - Mongo Santamaria - Un Dia de Playa ( A Day At The Beach) 8 - Barrington Levy - Moonlight Lover 9 - Los Amigos Invisibles - Bruja (MAW Full Vocal Mix) 10 - Beck - Que' Onda Guero (Remixed by Islands)

Thoughts On Diego Garcia's 'Laura'

Alright let me get this out of the way first... I LOVE this cover. It reminds me of the Fania LP covers or just the covers and design from the 70's Salsa, Psych, and alternative music. Now this is one of those instances where the cover looks what the music sounds like, a desolate cold yet warm and beautiful album. Diego Garcia is the front man of indie rock band Elefant and is going to be debuting his solo project 'Laura' to the masses on April 5th, 2011. It's a melancholy mix of guitars, strings, and soulful lover woes of a lonely man, and harks back to the time of me listening to boleros with my dad and thinking I was too young for this type of music. Diego's cover (Read EDIT Below) of Miguel Gallardo's excellent 'Otro Ocupa Mi Lugar' in 'Inside My Heart' is the first song you hear, and instantly lets you ready for where the rest of the album (again, fantastic) is going to take you... a lush and somber yet beautiful journey into emotions.

Be sure to buy this album on iTunes ($5.99) and Amazon ($11.49) now!

EDIT: Since the first listen of this album I've had 'Inside My Heart' compared and analyzed to Miguel Gallardo's 'Otro Ocupa Mi Lugar' (see video link in paragraph above) to which I find even till today eerily similar. The artist has even put out a mini video telling folks how the song came together or "conceptualized", I am not debating or arguing that he took a sound or sampled it, just that it shares are very (very) similar sound. Am I really the only one who sees the similarity in it, or do folks not want to go that route?

Inside My Heart by DiegoGarciaNYC

At least call me crazy, I'll own up to it.

DJ Afro Goes 'Free' Review

DJ Afro the guitarist of Grammy award winning band Los Amigos Invisibles (another favorite) has released his first solo project which consists of a hodgepodge of soothing sounds and also has the musician (surprisingly) singing on the album. If you are a fan of his podcast "DJ Afro y Su Rumba Barata" or have experienced one of his infectious live DJ sets that I absolutely love then this might be right up your alley. There doesn't seem to be any kind of concept or structure to the track list but oddly enough it works very well considering the songs can go from slow-tempo to Funk even Esquivel'ish then to Cumbia quickly, it's an interesting flow to listen to especially when it's good. At first I didn't know what to make of this album but after 2 or 3 listens I got it, not sure if I can pinpoint what "it" is... but I got it and "it" is grand. It's another one of those albums that when listened to, takes you to a place you might not want to ever leave. A great listen for music enthusiasts and for those that enjoy universal sounds can jump blindly into 'Free'... una rumba inolvidable.

You can purchase 'Free' now on iTunes, Amazon, CD Universe.