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Lil Giant In NASA

Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls Today my son aka Lil Giant is hitting the skies to visit one of the coolest places on earth, NASA. It's a magical place and one that many kids and some adults dreams are made of, I feel incredibly lucky that my son is going to get to see an actual launch (Soyuz 38) from mission control. Before he went to bed last night I gave him a whole speech about how great this is and that he should be aware how his blessings have brought him to go on this trip, after all that he was even more hyped to take that flight and I was even happier. Something that seemed or even now seems that far away can be as close as the person next to you and once you realize how special something like this is, that's when you tally up another one for the blessings list. The hits keep on coming and I can only stay in awe on how things work out and happen, life is a wonderful movie so learn how to sit quietly and watch the characters because that's where the magic is. I'm insanely proud of my son and this trip will only further enhance his thirst of knowledge and growth. Family is key.

Once the City, Always the City

Once the City, Always the CityThere's something that happens to you when you no longer live in New York City... something great. You notice how grand of a city you had in your back pocket and how no other place on earth will compare, no matter how hard they try there just isn't an equal. Is it the smell? God no, it's literally everything you can desire or hope it to be it is but also lets you fall, learn your lesson and best of all get back up.

The smell of NYC is an eclectic taste...err scent, especially the 125th street A train stop at 3AM; however it's part of what makes the city. Besides that whiff you can expect to see/hear/experience all sorts of cultures and people which I think is the best part. I was born (St. Luke's) and raised in Manhattan now reside in Jersey, the pride I have for NY and my old neighborhood Washington Heights never seems to diminish. As if Bloomberg was handing me a check I defend my city no matter where I am, proudly telling people what you can experience in glorious New York. Being gutter while glamorous (it's own Yin-Yang) and always embracing, it forgives you then yells "hey go check this out!" right after. I've seen furiously violent fights erupt at 8AM while going to school and some of the deepest music conversations as the sun comes up, it never gives up, eats itself and is whole again in the morning.

I've met folks that I never thought I'd be chillin' with both normal and famous, met some that I wish I never did but whatever haha. From last row seats in a concert then backstage in a boat talking shit with the musicians, how could I not see the awesome scope of the music scene in New York? The music, oh the music... you can be in Brazil then hop into an explosion of Bhangra and dance in Cuba within a few blocks. No words can describe what a night of music can bring but you can expect the best and worst time of your damn life. The Worse? Yes because life isn't perfect and that's why it's great. It's something special and for those that can't appreciate, I feel sorry for you and wake up!

Why am I writing this? No real reason really... it just popped into my head and I didn't push it away.

Anyways, I love New York.

Starchild Brings 'Cold Turkey Leftovers' For Us

Starchild is back and ready to enter a new time, combining what he goes thru in actual life with his music he reflects it all in sound. The third full album release from the artist takes us on a journey through his childhood and leftover beats he's accumulated in the past two years. While random snippets adorn the 15 track package, it magically flows from one track to another like a favorite DOOM track. I can appreciate this on soo many different levels (life, sonic thoughts) and especially what he's doing if you chose to buy this project. You can download the project for free or pay whatever you want, 50% of it will be going to Cancer research. The relentless murderer known as Cancer has taken many lives and all the work that can go towards it is much needed, it has recently taken Donna Summer and Robin Gibbs and won't stop there. Peace to Starchild for sharing part of his life and helping a good cause.

<a href="">Cold Turkey Leftovers by Starchild</a>

iLLA Checks Them 'Killin Themselves'

[youtube][/youtube] I've been paying attention and talking to iLLA for a little bit and I am see good coming thru in his latest project 'Max Ernst', he recently recently released a new video for his second single 'Killin Themselves' where he rhymes about what certain women put themselves thru and what they are doing. Stay tabbed for more upcoming music and info on iLLA in the near future, the message is clear and sounds great.

Cyclops Channels Life in "Rap Scott Summers"

Cyclops is one of the most lyrically honest emcees I've heard and he has a new project out by the name 'Rap Scott Summers' produced entirely by Tokyo Cigar (Win!), it continues his soul searching clashing with lifes up and downs while maintaining what it takes to be labeled a great album. I am glad that more people are paying attention to Cyclops now, the album is hosted by DJ Jay Skillz and sponsored by Rock the Dub, Definition DJ's and Y Not My Dream so you know this isn't an album to pass on. Relating to Cyclops rhymes is easy because we all have these thoughts of grandeur and times of failure, certain songs like 'Exhaust, Identify, Going Nowhere Fast' and 'Fascination' show that this emcee is grounded and well aware of lifes issues while dealing with. Tokyo Cigar as usual delivers production on par with the best of them, I think he even channeled some Rza 'Liquid Swords' power in the banging track "Say Your Prayers"!All some people need is a platform and if given the right opportunity you will see them shine brighter than they ever have, that is exactly what went on in this album. Another piece that I am proud to have posted and have you all check it out, it deserves to get a through listen because it sounds fantastic. Peace to Tokyo for creating another crazy project and Cyclops for forever gaining ground in his craft. Yes... this is Hip-Hop.