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Los Petardos - (OK) Lo Ineludible Video

[youtube][/youtube] The awesome Garage Surf Punk is coming to NYC and ready to celebrate the modern day jibaro with a new video for '(Ok) Lo Ineludible'' which happens to be one of my favorite tracks off their EP. Gotta love the video, it makes me want to go back to Puerto Rico... real Puerto Rico not the tourist sections. A great look and tropical vibe created by Karlo X. Ramos.

Los Petardos! Yucan' Do It! Tour '11

Our favorite rockin hibaritos Los Petardos! are back in NYC this month, part of the Yucan' Do It (genius name) tour has several stops at Lit Lounge, D'Antigua, Texas Firehouse, and Don Pedro. If you did catch them during last year's LAMC now is your chance to experience the awesome Puertorican band that we are soo fond of. If you haven't checked out the 'Acabame' video, check it out after the jump. [vimeo 14412994 w=600]

Official Los Petardos - Acabame video

[vimeo 14412994 w=600]Los Petardos are back with the awesome Acabame video directed by Karlo X. Ramos. There is no denying that the band is great, and then to add the vision of Karlo makes it come alive ten fold. All I ask is that Los Petardos come some more to the US, or I might be taking extra trips to Puerto Rico! Love the video, great job guys!