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M.I.S. Went 'Politico'

M.I.S. is back and this time there's change for the better with the addition of an actual band in his music, another plus that creates a more genuine sound to 'Politico'. This album features a rambuncious jumping plethora of sounds and lyrics that touch base on the current state of his native Mexico, where a vast amount of hurt and force is playing out and it's gotten thru to Mexican Institute of Sound. Politico still has the quirkiness that Lara is known for and builds upon that with serious words reflecting how he feels the government is being run and what's happening now. So not only has he created another winner sound wise, this time there's more message in his delivery and it speaks loud volumes. Still mixing a part of old Mexico and modern bass of hip shaking fun that's always present, he's stepped to a higher plane with more meaning and STILL can get the people jumping with ease. I've always appreciated the way he can juke you around with different paces and intricate touches that set the mood for each track. You can feel the outdoor party vibe as you listen thru this album and envision tons of people moving and dancing thru the night, for me... that's always a win. Laying out everything from chip tune to folk, cumbia, a real band and that infectious bass, this is an album you can slap the 'phones on or bump in a party and it's a guaranteed crowd shaker. I don't think it's fair for me to pick favorites, there's so much to hear in these 14 tracks that you won't care to pick a favorite because your too busy enjoying the ride. I highly recommend this album for anyone that wants to enjoy music that will get you thinking and at the same time let you get down with it, M.I.S. took a Giant step in a lyrical sense and it still works with his original formula. Buy... it... now.

Mexican Institute of Sound 'Suave Patria' EP

Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sound recently released an EP 'Suave Patria' and has all that you've come to expect from a M.I.S. album... damn does it keep you jumping and grooving. Fusing the sounds of old Mexico with different tracks and sounds that make you wanna pull a dance move or two while all the head-nodders will get their fill of bass is what this release is about. As eclectic as sounds come while retaining it's roots it's nice to see musical history repeated in a fresh and palatable way to the generation of now. Check out the stream of the album below courtesy of the good folks at KCRW, it will be up until December 28, 2010.

The EP is available now on iTunes for an awesomely low $3.99, also the vinyl on Amazon for $15.10. For more info on Camilo Lara check out our WGM Interview with him.

WGM x Mexican Institute of Sound Interview

WGM sat down with Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sound at this years LAMC and stepped into his world for a few.  Lara is Vice-President of EMI Mexico, DJ/Producer, avid vinyl collector (over 45K!), and has created one of the most original sounds to come out of Mexico. M.I.S. is part of the Mexican electronic music movement that has garnered a lot of attention here in the states lately and it's becoming increasingly popular. His sound is a beautiful mash-up of different genres (Cumbia, Banda, Cha-Cha, classic samples, etc.) and concepts to create a fantastic sound that is seldom heard and gets everyone moving for sure. He's been in NY Times, Spin, URB and his music has been featured in Ugly Betty, Californication, Dos Equis ad's, and EA's FIFA 08 and 10 and many other places.

For my non-español speaking readers a translation has been posted under the video... enjoy!

WGM: Is there a formula you have to create the M.I.S. sound?M.I.S: Honestly not really, what I do is grab all the music I like and put it in a pot or process it and do whatever comes out. I'd like to work with punk, ska, rocksteady or reggae but ultimately what comes out always has a portion of where I'm from and my culture. I'd like to do Kraftwerk but what I end up doing is that.

WGM: M.I.S. include the typical sounds of Mexico, do you use that to show part of your culture?M.I.S: Well what's weird about that is, I think in the end I don't like to be an ambassador of the traditional but I do like it... then I do it. I think that Cumbia has these elements and is one of the important underground movements in Latin America. There is Cumbia in Argentina, in Columbia there's Cumbia and in Mexico there is Cumbia but it's not the mainstream. The mainstream music in Mexico would be the Norteno, or the Banda but Cumbia is always there. In Mexico you hear Cumbia in the neighborhoods and parties. It's in places where you won't normally hear it like in the radio, on video but it's always there in the top of mind of the people. I think that's what I have that connects us to other countries that we have Cumbia, it's like the Hip-Hop of the people.

WGM: Can you define M.I.S. in one word?M.I.S: Umm one word.. well I would say eclectic haha. At the end its chaotic enough as to not define something but yeah it has a little of everything. Also I sometimes just like to do things that's not just for Spanish Rock, not just for Americans, not for the Mexicans but make music in general for all.

WGM: What new projects are you working on?M.I.S: I'm working on a project with Money Mark whose worked with the Beastie Boys, and also one that I just finished collaborating with Julieta Venegas for a track. I also now did something for the Beastie Boys as well and for Morrissey. It's like I've been involved with a lot of projects lately but I've just finished my new album with Money Mark and expect to have it ready for next year.

WGM would like to thank Camilo for his time and Cookman for all their help!

"Yo digo baila, tu dices dance."

Be sure to check out his current album Soy Sauce, and support good music!