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Elhae's 'Champagne Wishes' Living High

E_CWI've been talking about Elhae for a bit and as usual note how he keeps rising even more with each album release, with 'Champagne Wishes' it's no different and he's got a few major guests to round out the production. This time there's a good stir up in the force with features by Rick Ross, Tory Lanez and Gunplay from the Maybach Music Group, someone is definitely noticing what I've been saying all along. While I don't really have the MMG folks in my daily listens, I can appreciate it when it has some more soul to it and this is where 'Champagne Wishes' continues to emit it's radiancy. I enjoyed this album a good deal and happy to see that Elhae's elevation is focused and constant, it has moments of chill while some tracks you just wanna blast with the windows down as you ride. From All Away, Zonin', Gotta Live, Late Night Lights, Roc the Mic and Gold Rolex, this album has a certain sound that's specific to Elhae which helps confirm his space and sound he's going for.

When listening to Hip-Hop I've never been a fan of repetition with chorus chants, so 'Real Nigga' and 'I Want it All' fell a bit due to this but I can see how it fits into that type of track. He slightly shifted his sound into a heavier bass and high-class feel that's easily enjoyed, it doesn't come off Hova'ish (yep)... kudos on that. A 'Toast' to Elhae for constant elevation with brighter lights, keep pushing cause the work is paying off.

Listen to the 'All Away' track featuring Rick Ross and Tory Lanez below and get that free album download here.