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Brooklyn Shanti Got it Poppington & Letting Go

The Giant brother from another mother Brooklyn Shanti has released another set for the acoustic heads out there with major love for music and Brooklyn. Giving us acoustic Hip-Hop versions of some of our favorite Hip-Hop tracks with a very laid back and welcome feel while 'Going Back to Delhi' gets the uptempo going. This project sets off the beginning of his fall tour in India which dates are still currently being determined. Check the set and pay what you wish below, also the remix to a Karsh Kale track that he did with him and Mandeep Sethi. For the love of music this dude always comes correct and isn't afraid to try a new genre, his latest audio experimentation has been awesome so far. Can't learn to love if you can't learn to let go... you know! Totally agree.

Shanti's From Brooklyn With Love A Must

One of our Giant homies Brooklyn Shanti has released a new tape with an insane amount of summer and thumping tunes to keep all good vibes moving to the right direction. With sounds that span the world and a VIP list of guests, Shanti brings the best to our ears and hips. The beats play out from Hip-Hop to that new Bengali Global Bass goodness he's cooking up and the all mighty Afrika Bambaataa, Geechi Suede of Camp Lo, Thornato, Sierra Carrère, Mandeep Sethi, Sohail Sen, A-Live making appearances as well. Mega proud of the bro in all aspects of life right about now and you should be downloading this right now so let me stop talking...

From Brooklyn with Love Tracklist 01. Beautiful (Summer Sunshine Remix) – Brooklyn Shanti 02. Unicorns – Brooklyn Shanti vs Jimmy Love featuring Afrika Bambaataa 03. Welcome to Jamrock (Brooklyn Shanti vs Thornato remix) – Damien Marley 04. Shot Him Down (Tropical Refix) – Tape Deck Prophets (Sierra Carrère & Brooklyn Shanti) 05. Mathematics (Brooklyn Shanti vs Beats Antique remix) – Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) 06. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Brooklyn Shanti vs Guapo Feo remix) – ODB 07. Man of the Year – Brooklyn Shanti featuring A-Live 08. Pyaari Pyaari – Brooklyn Shanti & Sohail Sen (produced by Thornato) 09. Weaponized Love – Brooklyn Shanti featuring Mandeep Sethi 10. Cola Cherry Breeze – Bengali Tiger (Geechi Suede, Brooklyn Shanti, A-Live)

SlumGods in Khirkee Village

[youtube][/youtube] The B-Boys SlumGods were in Delhi keeping Hip-Hop going with the old school essence on the walls and floors in the event Extension Khirkee, also the homie Mandeep Sethi provided the soundscape (Rafi Lights) to the video above. It's amazing to see the similarities from a house jam Sedgwick Avenue to Delhi on the same plane, this is what's soo powerful about Hip-Hop... it knows no country lines. Keep spreading the music and showcasing the rest of the pillars of Hip-Hop in India homies!