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Brooklyn Shanti Departure Lounges With Man Mantis

When I thought about pairing these two together I thought it was a great idea, now that I've heard actual music and how it turned out I'm getting greedy... I want more. With Man Mantis' chill sounds and brother Shanti on vocals, it brings a cool smooth tale of past relationships that affect many. One of the best suggested duos of recent date is right here. Now if more can get on board and create more good music, I would gladly be content with posting music like this all day if I could. You can also buy the tracks 'Departure Lounges and Girlfriend Experience below.


<a href="">Departure Lounges / Girlfriend Experience by Brooklyn Shanti x Man Mantis</a>

GUTS Mashup of Los Yoyi and Arrested Development

Another great submission, this one comes from Spain via GUTS and a interesting mashup between cuban group Los Yuyi and Arrested Development. These are one of those weird gems I would've never thought to be just because of the nature of both groups, but glad that GUTS got to it. See below what he has to say on this track.

"Here, a mash-up that should have been present in my last " Pura-Mixtape 5 " but the CD's timing of 80 minutes does not permit it to me. It's a mix between one of the most amazing Cuban tracks, Grupo Los Yoyi "El Fino" and the timeless' track of Arrested Development "Fishin '4 Religion"

The Pura-Mixtape 5 :"