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Powder Blues Got Me Itchin'

Maxx Julian is at his old awesome tricks again, this 'Powder Blues' Detroit collaboration with The Guns plays out like watching and turning the knob on a VHF box. All separate sounds yet same subject and cohesive, I love the randomness of it all and it sounds great overall. I always say that I wish there were more experimental and idea pieces like this, it strays away from the normal 1-10 track album and brings something new or reinvigorates ideas. Good beats, fun cokecept and FREE, ain't no beating that. I know many of you will enjoy this, I know I did.

Maxx Julian x Sincere Vega Emitting 'Vibration'

MSCD_VMaxx Julian and Sincere Vega at it again and this time they bought Carminelitta (Word Is Bond) along with the soul pouring of Domignan, a deep drum and oceanic track that once again proves the When Giants Meet idea right. Their SinAMaxx album was fantastic and part 2 is coming up so get them ears prepared with 'Vibration', a grown lyrical approach to relationships. Peace to those joining forces to create art.

Maxx Julian Pyramid EP

Maxx Julian the man behind 'SinAmaxx' is a hell of a beatsmith and he got a new collection of beats that will make your ears happy. The 'Pyramid EP' is another one of those smooth ride and vibe out works that I love so much, while the EP is cut too short for my tastes I enjoyed it thoroughly. Once again good music that's absolutely free saves the day.

Maxx Julian and Sincere Vega's 'sinAmaxx' Shines Bright

It has arrived! 'sinAmaxx' by Maxx Julian featuring the Florida Giant Sincere Vega is finally out, an uplifting Hip-Hop album that uses a Giant frame of mind on this collaboration in the best way. 'sinAmaxx' elevates the positive and contributes something important to the genre, with classic boom-bap and intelligent lyrics it doesn't feel like your chillin on the stoop of any regular ol emcee. The collaboration between a producer in Detroit and an emcee from Florida carries the true essence of what When Giants Meet is all about, I'm glad to see folks working together like this and come out with such a great outcome. Maxx Julian's sound is reminiscent of Madlibs where he has a particular sound to him mixing old and new with a dab of soul and it flows fantastic throughout the album, Personally I love Madlibs so I got NO problem digging this album at all. I love that intro and outro also the tracks One, Fly Definition, Mister Gone, Trouble, and She Say, overall it's an intelligent album that doesn't speak down to it's listeners and moves Hip-Hop towards a better light... I can get down with that.

Maxx Julian & Sincere Vega's Say 'She Say'

[youtube][/youtube]This 'sinAmaxx' album is gonna be nutso my people. Maxx Julian and Giant Fam Sincere Vega are slowly releasing some treats for us all, this video is for a track off their upcoming Nov. 29 release date for 'sinAmaxx' which will def be here for review.