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What's Playing?

It's been a wide variety of awesome lately and I wanted to share with you all what's playing! Some of it old and some of it new, sounds vary greatly so keep the third eye open, ears clean and soak it all in. In no order of importance but all is worth it... Mr. Bungle 'California', Ill Clinton 'Mediums', MegaRan and Phil Harmonix 'The Returners EP', Astronautica 'Waikiki', Harkonen 'Shake Harder Boy' and Calle 13 'MultiViral' to name a few. Wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't good, you know the deal.

Megaran Unlocks Awesome With 'Super Move'

Wait... Megaran is on tour right now, just finished an album AND got a bonus track with Has-Lo, Open Mike Eagle and Zilla Rocca for Language Arts Vol. 2? Too much awesome can only be contained for so long. This bonus track will be available if you buy it from the iTunes store, also visit his Bandcamp for some combo goodness for the Language Arts Vol. 2 release. DN3 you did it again!

'Them Boys Ain't Right' They're Uncommon

I normally don't like to post flyers here but this has two things I like, Uncommon Records and King of the Hill so it's a must post. The recently announced tour "Them Boys Ain't Right" (awesome) starts July 24 and runs up to 28th, they also released a tour tape to go along with the announcement which you can download below for free or a donation that goes towards their tour funding. Props to DJ Jazzpants for the artwork and keeping Hank alive.

Here's what they have to say about the tour:

"The "Them Boys Ain't Right" tour begins Tuesday, July 24th in Boston! ADAM (of Uncommon Records) will be touring with fellow progsters, Brzowski (Milled Pavement) and Mo Niklz. They'll be rocking five stages in five nights that will take them from Boston through Brooklyn; Portland, Maine; Newport, R.I.; and Bridgeport, Conn. for a Northeast tour. It will also see them sharing the stage with Open Mike EagleBilly Woods (for his first NYC show since the criticaly acclaimed "History Will Absolve Me" lp dropped), MegaRan and other special guests."

The Triforce of Savant x Random x Phill Harmonix Brings 'Just Wanna Know' (Remix)

Savant, Random, and Phill Harmonix... This is a trio in Hip-Hop that I can dig and backed by the brother Hexagon, it just makes it a wholoe lot better. A fantastic soulful beat is the backdrop to the troubles of today that they speak on, expression wrapped in a dope package and the latest remix done after the 4th installment of Hexagon's "Beat Flip Tuesdays." This is yet another example of Giants meeting and making it happen so peace to the movement of good music and joining forces. You can download the track below and vibe out to em.

State Bar AZ Cypher: Round 1 Prod. by Marvel76

Ever find yourself saying "What's Arizona's hip hop scene like"? The homie Savant just sent me a hell of an example brought by Donuts & Milk... it features Visions of the Sun, Random (AKA Megaran), Mr. Miranda, Medaforacle, and Savant. Ok I know Savant and Megaran as ultra talented emcess, the rest I am new to and can already see myself hunting for some of their tracks. Peep the track and see what's good in AZ! State Bar AZ Cypher (prod. by Marvel76) by Savant aka Stanstro