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Jo_Def Mixology Tape

JD_MixoI just listened to the perfect mix for a Friday, or shall I say a Friday where you soar thru soulful futuristic goodness that takes you from flat to gouraud and finishing with phong shaded purple mountains towering over you. Obviously this isn't your regular beat tape and this Mixology Radio Show mix made by Jo_Def blows a lot of cats away, not to mention him having a personal favorite LAKIM on this tape a few times... icing on the cake. Do yourself that audio pleasure and get with this, pay much attention and vibe with it cause the homie can put together a damn good tape.

Start 2013 With a Stream o' Bumpin Music

WGM_Bass'12 goes and '13 appears, the new year is here for a bit and why not start it with a good set of music? A plethora ("Jefe, what is a plethora?") of thumps and bumps full of bass, get your mind right early on so you know what's coming. Noticing a slight pattern in these and some of the latest posts? Yep, I will be posting more bass variety of the global/world kind in addiction to everything else I play here. It's something I wanted to start for a while and finally getting around to finding the right people to post about. Kicking off the list is Brooklyn Shanti with a mix starting off 2013 for all you kids that like dancing the night away then it goes off into the bass heavens for all sorts of goodness.

A Giant thank you to everyone that supported the artists and WGM this past year, we wouldn't be here without you and always appreciate the love. This new year is going to be about venturing out more into different sections of music in different cultures and languages, gotta live universal and that goes for music as well.

In the end it is and will forever be about the music. So with that said... let's get to the bass shall we? Stay Giant.

Ana Tijoux Disparas "La Bala"

The highly anticipated Ana Tijoux follow-up album to the Grammy nominated '1977' came out today and it continues what Ana is known for, multiverse lyrical gold that can take you from pride to ruin and back while it's sound is perfectly placed with her flow. Before '1977' was released I saw Tijoux perform In LAMC and she became the top buzz of all media and music watchers as she rhymed effortlessly on stage while everyone impressed. Her lyrics didn't hit me at first and I'm guessing it was because my first experience was live, loud and with a great amount of people screaming and having fun. After the album released I knew she was a force to recon with and can hang with the best of em, slaying words and thoughts intertwined with harmony... Yep it was too dope. After that she released the "Elefant Mixtape" which was a more hyped up and hard-hitting album sound wise, it gained but more fans for the dope emcee and gave her more exposure that she needed.

"La Bala" is the next step in her career with a friendlier sound and forward approach to lyrics rightfully sitting her in the Latina (or female) Hip-Hop throne. She spits history, life and beyond, heartfelt with each bar you can't help but nod away smiling. Yet another honest emcee achieving life as they create, at no point does she serve a cold/fake dish. The album has a bit of soul, street, great beats and immense knowledge pours out the speakers thanks to Tijoux's flow. "La Bala" continues her reign right where the last release left off... Killin' em, I'm proud to see more Latino emcees doing right by what they say and not just spilling garbage. Be aware that she rhymes in Spanish but I'm sure it won't make a difference for those that appreciate good sounds.

Dope Hip-Hop fired from Ana's gun with "La Bala" hits the spot, can't wait to see what's next and if Summerstage is in the picture this year! Check out the video for 'Shock' below and pick up the album now on iTunes or anywhere you can. [youtube][/youtube]

ThroatChopU Monday HipHop Servings

The Mad Bloggers homie ThroatChopU is back and the playlist is looking prpper as usual. Peep what he had to say:

"If this morning's Hip-Hop Breakfast was served at Denny's it would be the equivalent of their Grand Slam, considering the large portion you're getting. But I don't really mess with Denny's because their eggs are too salty. Allegedly, of course. So, EP 59 is like a meal served at one of those hole in the wall diners that are at least one visit away from the health inspector shutting them down. You know the spots I'm talking about with the breakfast specials for like $2.99 and you get 15 items on your plate and need to down a bottle of tums but damn the food is good. Considering I took last week off, the least I could do was fill you up with just over 27 solid minutes of quality music featuring The Weeknd, Jean Grae, the homie e.d.g.e. and one of my new favorite's Rocky Rivera. I hope EP 59 helps kick start your week. Enjoy. Chea!"

01. The Weeknd - Trust Issues (Cover) 02. TiRon & Ayomari feat. Simon Emanuel - Forever 03. Sonny Shotz x OnCue - Anything Real 04. Rocky Rivera - Under Pressure 05. Naeem Oba - Stomp 06. SigNif - Wish Her Well 07. e.d.g.e - O My God 08. ProbCause - Loud Through The Town 09. Jean Grae - I Rock On