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Moombahton Massive IX EP

MBIX_CvrSchlachthofbronx, Sabo, and Nadastrom have just put together a 3 tracks piece to celebrate their 3 city (Washington DC, Brooklyn, Miami) and... it... bangs. Short and sweet at 9 minutes and some change but never underestimate the power of bass, this'll have you cranking the volume higher and higher as it plays. Below are the dates of their shows, enjoy!

Jan 22nd at U-Hall, Washington DC Jan 23rd at Output Club, Brooklyn, NY Jan 24th at Grand Central, Miami

Friday Bass, No Scales

WGM_FBassTime for some Friday Bass to start up as the weekend is upon us, forget about that thing called work and ride it out to some good music. I've been meaning to get around to this and Friday Bass 1 is here. I'll be selecting tracks off Soundcloud during the week and adding them to the Friday Bass collections, also will be accepting submissions but they have to be in Soundcloud. Hope you enjoy the mix and share!

Start 2013 With a Stream o' Bumpin Music

WGM_Bass'12 goes and '13 appears, the new year is here for a bit and why not start it with a good set of music? A plethora ("Jefe, what is a plethora?") of thumps and bumps full of bass, get your mind right early on so you know what's coming. Noticing a slight pattern in these and some of the latest posts? Yep, I will be posting more bass variety of the global/world kind in addiction to everything else I play here. It's something I wanted to start for a while and finally getting around to finding the right people to post about. Kicking off the list is Brooklyn Shanti with a mix starting off 2013 for all you kids that like dancing the night away then it goes off into the bass heavens for all sorts of goodness.

A Giant thank you to everyone that supported the artists and WGM this past year, we wouldn't be here without you and always appreciate the love. This new year is going to be about venturing out more into different sections of music in different cultures and languages, gotta live universal and that goes for music as well.

In the end it is and will forever be about the music. So with that said... let's get to the bass shall we? Stay Giant.

'K Le Pasa' A El Dusty? ...Un Moombathon Remix

Last year El Dusty came out with a Cumbia infused dance track 'K Le Pasa' and folks went crazy for it. Now enter the released Remix EP of the banger and Holland's Alvaro Moombathon remix (Free for now) is my favorite version, also by staying up to par with the heavy bass it's going to keep folks dancing it up til the sun comes up. You can buy the 5 track EP now on iTunes, Beatport and Juno, it's being released by Man Recordings. The Moombah one you can hear and download below... get to it!

Moombahton 4 Bass Goodness

Alright my Giants it's Moombahton time! Every once in a while I find some of these dope bass tracks that I just have to post. I am going to start doing 4 track postings when I find some of that goodness to share, the last one is Drumstep but has a very similar feel to the genre. I found this graphic above while looking for something to post along with it since I hate doing them without visuals. It just so happened that it got posted on Generation Bass not too long ago, but I gave it a lil twist n edit... enjoy the music and hope you guys look forward to more Moombahton like I do!

By the way if your an artist that has some tracks I should take a listen to, send them our way. Patchy Moombahton - Sabo by djsabo Dash - Moombahside by Dash Selektor Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Brimmer & Yoshi P's Moombahton Remix) by Brimmer Requake vs. Roommate - Waterdrops (Wondawulf Drumstep Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD! by Wondawulf