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Help Rah Digga Help the Kids

There's a good amount of things that I hold high when it comes to positive moves and betterment within society, giving kids the gift of music and a place where they can explore something good taking them off the streets is definitely one of them. Rah Digga is starting something great and needs our help, she has recently acquired the lease to an abandoned property and is transforming it into the NJ Dance Network, a dance facility for the kids of Newark. The place will be completely renovated in 30 days so she needs all the help she can get,  there will be  an EP titled 'Hood House: So Jersey' for it as well. Rah is planning on having the kids and adults involved eventually create a production ala Breakin' which is a terrific idea, it helps uplift the community and gets locals involved in ways that can benefit their spirits. There is a Kickstarter video for the project below, please consider pledging for this as it can be extremely important and has the ability to change kids lives for the better. The NJ Dance Network project will go on with or without the Kickstarter but all help is welcomed to make it better! NJ Dance Network Kickstarter page