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Lil Giant In NASA

Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls Today my son aka Lil Giant is hitting the skies to visit one of the coolest places on earth, NASA. It's a magical place and one that many kids and some adults dreams are made of, I feel incredibly lucky that my son is going to get to see an actual launch (Soyuz 38) from mission control. Before he went to bed last night I gave him a whole speech about how great this is and that he should be aware how his blessings have brought him to go on this trip, after all that he was even more hyped to take that flight and I was even happier. Something that seemed or even now seems that far away can be as close as the person next to you and once you realize how special something like this is, that's when you tally up another one for the blessings list. The hits keep on coming and I can only stay in awe on how things work out and happen, life is a wonderful movie so learn how to sit quietly and watch the characters because that's where the magic is. I'm insanely proud of my son and this trip will only further enhance his thirst of knowledge and growth. Family is key.

Land Of The Way It Is & That's The Way It Is

Nasa of Uncommon Records just released his latest and it's full of that NYC sound, it's comfort audio food and I damn well ate it up while being reminded of the city. It has that positive lyrical effect that talks about neighborhoods, what his childhood was like and even 'Pasta w/ Butter'... prepared by his mother. You know, one of those records that's made to blast on the cans while taking the train to work as everyone scurries and pushes thru endlessly, or played at home while it fills the air with tales of Kings and all star emcees adding their Midas touch.

The tracks that stand out and have become personal favorites are Pasta w/Butter, Background Check (top fav), Frequent Flyers, Roses & Stones, My Ego's Big and The Future. Nasa is another emcee I would say that I comes off he genuinely enjoy making their music, I'd gladly pay that money to be able to enjoy music like this with no question. Stay personal Nasa... shit's dope.

Purchase the album Visit Uncommon Records

Atari Got Satan In the Mirror

I need an old priest and a young priest up in here ASAP cause Atari Blitzkrieg has unleashed a grotto of unearthly sounds. A short and straight to the point 6 track album 'Satan In the Mirror' will have you nodding and bumping to the dark sounds and thoughts of Atari. I liked this album overall but couldn't get into the GAWS track because of the constant swag chorus, I just personally can't bring myself to fully listen to a track with the word playing a major role in a song. The sound is definitely complicated but works extremely well in favor of Blitzkrieg and I could always listen to more of it. I got into his sounds all late but good music never has an expiration date and look forward to hearing more from the artist. Check out the album below and show some support.

Short Fuze & Nasa's Toxicology Music

The dynamic HipHop duo Short Fuze & Nasa from Uncommon Records has returned once again, last year they bought us Lobotomy Music and 2011 brings Toxicology Music. Toxicology brings the "put yo fist in the air" attitude and thought that Uncommon is known for, it has that certain off beat feeling that builds their unique sound and is hard to confuse with the work of others. Their style and how it comes out always reminds me of something Rage Against the Machine could've been a part of if they properly blended with the indie HipHop scene. Instead of all the material and self boasting ego trips (or total opposite) that we are used to in this genre (or PopHop), Short Fuze and Nasa spit words of thought and empowerment in self and environment... how can that be bad when it sounds soo good? While halfway listening to the album I briefly thought that some of the beats felt a little too far from the timing flow of their lyrics but I was wrong. Not sure why I thought that exactly but after a revisit to the tracks that thought was laid to rest, also having an outer HipHop genre feeling to it it's what I like best about it. Bleeps, screeches, and even certain parts that remind me of 'Big Trouble in Little China' ('In Your Hands Now') along with some boom bap made my ears happy throughout. The remix to 'Don't Feed the Machine' by Megabusive grew on me more than I thought, I literally saw a big metal hunching enemy heading towards me while listening which is awesome. Something about Nasa's work feel very cinematic in sound and always sparks a thought on what he was seeing when creating the music. I have to give it to Nasa on the work put into this album, the guy knows what he's doing and when accompanied by Short Fuze it truly does become a complete package and something that they can be proud they were a part of.

Knowing that there's music like this where I can safely say I would put money down is saying a lot nowadays. Many collectives work together for different reasons, all I know is that Short Fuze and Nasa bring something worthwhile to the table that everyone should try to get a piece of. It goes farther than just an album, with it also comes a frame of mind most of us want others to have. Aggressiveness in sound if executed wisely can make you think different, this is one of those instances, it's not just HipHop... it's life.

... I wish I had more music like this to listen to. Check out 'Sun Crusher' below!