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Continuations and Positive Beginnings

Photo by Randy Ortiz Well 2013 was a hell of a year, it had everything from the biggest government fears unfolding in the media, hacking, new additions to our family, realizations and society perhaps waking up a little bit more. Resolution planting won't be a focus here but more on thoughts as a whole and continuing to work on the path I chose for a positive life, working on projects and exploring the world a bit more.

Many have a focus on getting their life right or losing weight or being nicer for a new year but why not just do that daily and not because it's a new year? Getting your life right starts from within and not others, remember that when you try to blame others for your problems. I mean if you didn't lose those 10 pounds with last years resolution, what makes you think repeating yourself one more year will do it? Just eat healthier... diets don't work people. Be nice, it'll make their day and yours, Karma has a funny way of checkin' yo ass also when it's time also. There's nothing wrong with being a good person and you will perhaps plant a seed in someone's life that'll make them do something or help them realize the world isn't all bad.

When Giants Meet... where do I start. It's been a crazy and shocking amount of blog accomplishments that this site has had so far since launch but now it's time to focus on collaborations and personal projects for WGM. I have gone thru a wide range of thoughts and emotions on what it means to be a good blog and where this type of "industry" is going, I don't like it and rather bring something new instead of being just another blog. The music and thoughts will continue to flow but there will be a heavy focus on certain things that go beyond just a blog post. Anyone can blog and the majority of sites out there have proved this theory correct, what else can you do tho? Let's show em.

Here's to the continuation of positive mental growth, more country stamps on the passport and good people.

2010 near gone... so long

The time has come to bid farewell to another year full of craziness but before I get into that, I'd like to thank each and every one of you (personally if I could) for the constant support and continued visits... conversations... "what do you think" emails and trusting WGM with your art/music. This was another year in which When Giants Meet had positive growth in and it's beautiful to see a vision come to life. Music is something which is dear to me and preserving or showing it's improvement, creativity is what we like putting here, art in form of paintings or street walls and photography as well is very close to our hearts. We take what we post to heart and mean every word you have read here, so best believe that it will continue this way as we (and any other site) owe you that clear truth on what is put up.

2010 was full of travels, music, writings, and coverage for us, here's hoping that 2011 will go as planned when planned haha. No seriously I have a few things that I want to explore on this site which includes visuals and I hope you all enjoy the ride minus the 3D (no more pls) effect of things to come. On the charitable side we are going to try to work with a few folks on a number of good causes out there so if any of you are part of legit charities drop us a line as well. In order for us to grow as a society and artists we need to learn how to take notice of what is around us and help them grow as they do to us. WGM has never been about one, two or three of us, it's about all that is good out there in life, music and art while giving it a proper place for it to be shown. We love all our Giants and appreciate the effort we receive from others... here's to 2011 and more goodness to come from all!

WGMeets out!

P.S. I will not end this year with "Yeah we doing it up for 2011!!" or "Awww man the hustle is gonna be insane!!!!" because we all know what happens to those people... hahaha!