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Once the City, Always the City

Once the City, Always the CityThere's something that happens to you when you no longer live in New York City... something great. You notice how grand of a city you had in your back pocket and how no other place on earth will compare, no matter how hard they try there just isn't an equal. Is it the smell? God no, it's literally everything you can desire or hope it to be it is but also lets you fall, learn your lesson and best of all get back up.

The smell of NYC is an eclectic taste...err scent, especially the 125th street A train stop at 3AM; however it's part of what makes the city. Besides that whiff you can expect to see/hear/experience all sorts of cultures and people which I think is the best part. I was born (St. Luke's) and raised in Manhattan now reside in Jersey, the pride I have for NY and my old neighborhood Washington Heights never seems to diminish. As if Bloomberg was handing me a check I defend my city no matter where I am, proudly telling people what you can experience in glorious New York. Being gutter while glamorous (it's own Yin-Yang) and always embracing, it forgives you then yells "hey go check this out!" right after. I've seen furiously violent fights erupt at 8AM while going to school and some of the deepest music conversations as the sun comes up, it never gives up, eats itself and is whole again in the morning.

I've met folks that I never thought I'd be chillin' with both normal and famous, met some that I wish I never did but whatever haha. From last row seats in a concert then backstage in a boat talking shit with the musicians, how could I not see the awesome scope of the music scene in New York? The music, oh the music... you can be in Brazil then hop into an explosion of Bhangra and dance in Cuba within a few blocks. No words can describe what a night of music can bring but you can expect the best and worst time of your damn life. The Worse? Yes because life isn't perfect and that's why it's great. It's something special and for those that can't appreciate, I feel sorry for you and wake up!

Why am I writing this? No real reason really... it just popped into my head and I didn't push it away.

Anyways, I love New York.

Infamous EP: Audible Doctor x Mobb Deep - Keep Getting That Paper Remix

The Audible Doctor just hit me off with his newly released remix off the Mobb Deep compilation "Infamous Team" and it keeps it NYC HipHop grimy. Always a fan of Audible Doc's work so I had to post this up, it's a dope EP that features Mobb Deep, Big Noyd, & Infamous Mobb. Listen to the track below and don't forget to check out the EP on iTunes, it's out now and only 5 bucks! Keep Getting That Paper (Audible Doctor Remix) Feat. Mobb Deep & Rapper Noyd by audibledoctor

Guillermo Del Toro's 'The Strain' Comic Review

Famed director/producer and novelist Guillermo Del Toro has joined forces with Dark Horse Comics and David Lapham to bring you 'The Strain' trilogy in comic book form with art by Mike Huddleston come December 14, 2011. They will be breaking up each of the three books into 8 comics per novel, and at the surprisingly super low price of $1.00 each. We got an early copy thanks to Dark Horse and it seems to be on the right track so far, I don't want to start raving about it with just the first issue tho. Romanian grannies inflicting fear on the young, vampires, and terrorism all wrapped up in a mysterious beginning at New York's JFK airport, now wrap it up with Guillermo's talent for story and we just might have a very interesting addition to vamp tales in comics. Mike Huddleston has managed to capture mystery and shadows in a way where you can sense the mood in each panel and lends itself perfectly to the story at hand.

There's already a minor "oohhhh!" moment in the first issue and I'm looking forward to how the rest of the issues look and pan out. I will continue to follow 'The Strain' and you should to, so trek to your local comic shop this December 14 and pick this up!

If you want to pre-order it pass by the Dark Horse Comics site to guarantee your copy, there is also a Steve Morris variant cover as well for you collectors out there.

It's Comic Con Time!

It's that time again to get totally engulfed in comic, movies, and total uber-geekery folks! We will be attending NY Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday (family day so you might meet Lil Giant!), hope to see some of you Giants there! WGM along with theonecam, Venomous, Argonauts Resins and a few of the other homies will be in attendance as well.

NYPD Brutality OUTSIDE of the Pete Rock/Smif-N-Wessun Show

[youtube][/youtube]Yes use your power to administer and enforce rules to make sure the PEACE is kept. No you shouldn't start clubbing people like savage neanderthals just because you want them to leave or talked to you. NYPD this isn't your first rodeo and won't be your last but your violent clownishness must STOP if you want to keep any respect left from the people you are supposed to be serving. This act of goon-ism is disgusting and those involved should be ashamed of themselves, especially getting word that it was a peaceful event inside. Apparently they stormed in clubs at hand wanting people to leave the venue after a fight broke outside, why not just take care of the altercation where it's happening then restore order? Yeah some folks act wrong sometimes but that is also why you're there... to protect and serve not to club and abuse. Peace to Rock The Dub for the posting.