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Help Rah Digga Help the Kids

There's a good amount of things that I hold high when it comes to positive moves and betterment within society, giving kids the gift of music and a place where they can explore something good taking them off the streets is definitely one of them. Rah Digga is starting something great and needs our help, she has recently acquired the lease to an abandoned property and is transforming it into the NJ Dance Network, a dance facility for the kids of Newark. The place will be completely renovated in 30 days so she needs all the help she can get,  there will be  an EP titled 'Hood House: So Jersey' for it as well. Rah is planning on having the kids and adults involved eventually create a production ala Breakin' which is a terrific idea, it helps uplift the community and gets locals involved in ways that can benefit their spirits. There is a Kickstarter video for the project below, please consider pledging for this as it can be extremely important and has the ability to change kids lives for the better. The NJ Dance Network project will go on with or without the Kickstarter but all help is welcomed to make it better! NJ Dance Network Kickstarter page

Make You Happy ft. Sushi Fresh by DK & Trin.

I know it's March and all but I think the good vibes of the summer jams is starting to peak thru already. A nice blend of soul by Sushi Fresh with DK and Trin. doing their thing, it pours out beautifully and makes you wish for warmer days where a tee is good enough. I had to give something to the dope track so I made the cover, it's the least I could do for good music! Let's start submitting more tracks like this folks cause it's COLD outside. Show some support for the homies.

DK and Trin Ride Out Their freeEP vol. 1

Trinidad is a producer that I was fond of his sound (2 tracks in Daniel Joseph's 'Pretty Ugly') before I knew who he was, recently having released another project with emcee DK entitled freeEP vol. 1 for those that enjoy a soulful touch to their Hip-Hop. If You're looking for the kind of tracks that you can vibe out to and it's that good ol' music that you will actually enjoy then you should get in on this EP. Local talent from Jersey like this can and will only elevate the good in Newark and should be supported. Peace to Trin for the support and thank you for the good vibes.

Maná "Drama Y Luz" Tour Hits Newark's Prudential Center

This past Saturday I went to one of the best concerts I've ever been to, Maná finally hit my neck of the woods for their 'Drama y Luz' tour and it was a wonderful experience along with an explosive audience. The atmosphere in the Prudential Center was full of peace and music, Maná as usual had a great setup and the audio sounded fantastic. Before I delve into the concert I wanted to point out the opening act that they had, it was a Dominican artist by the name of Vicente Garcia and he had a great set which was perfect for the opening of the concert. He's been out for a few but I've never heard a full song of his until now and was taken aback by the sounds, it was a great fusion of Rock, Reggae, and had a touch of Bachata sometimes. Having the maestro Juan Luis Guerra by his side to help along the recording process is also a major plus in my book, so I will be talking about Vicente in the near future as I learn more about his music.

Now this concert was one of those that when finished, it made you proud to know your people (Latinos) are willing to spread true messages of peace, equality, love and environment awareness that most of us don't really think about. It was something special where you saw people from different countries together singing and the power in unity was insane, you saw flags from all over in the audience and in the 'Latinoamerica' performance asking equality for all. They are huge supporters on any matters that help care for nature as it was highly evident in the topics touched and videos played on screen and songs. Maná truly is one of those bands that believes in love songs that some of us shrug off and stop talking/singing about, it's great to see such a huge band keeping that message alive. All of which happened that night is what music is about in my eyes and ears... I also took some photos that night, check them out below!

Daniel Joseph Freestyle 'Pardon'

Giant brosef Daniel Joseph sent us a bit 'o freestyle goodness for us to enjoy while we wait for that next EP on the horizon. As we all know WGM is a huge fan of the Newark emcee and will be looking forward to any new releases coming up from the talented brother. For now enjoy this oldie but goodie Ghost beat with a new(ark) Jersey freestyle flavor, for those looking to download check below. [audio: DJ-AL.mp3]

DOWNLOAD: Daniel Joseph - Pardon Freestyle