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Zilla Rocca's 'Full Spectrum' Featuring Has-Lo In Super 8

[youtube][/youtube]That awesome Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo 'Full Spectrum' song now has a Super (8) video, thanks to Joe Castro & Justin Clowes. An excellent idea to shoot entirely in Super 8 film, props to those that dare to venture back into glorious film. They filmed the entire thing in Asbury Park here in Jersey. If you haven't picked up Nights and Weekends... what are you waiting for?

Zilla Rocca Goes "Full Spectrum"

This is Zilla Rocca's lead single off the upcoming "Nights & Weekends" album and now that his completed kickstarter project has met it's goal (gooo Zilla), it only makes it all the better for us as we reap the music rewards. The track produced by Dr. Quandary and featuring Has-Lo seeps HipHop noir and as usual always worth a download. You can hear/download it below! Zilla Rocca - Full Spectrum feat Has-Lo (prod by Dr. Quandary) by ZillaRoccaNoir