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aDDLib Take's it Back

OKC Artist aDDLib brings us "I Take it Back" produced by King-I-Divine, a heart felt Hip-Hop track where he shows remorse for all the bad he's done and tries to move forward. The song welcomes something that some of us aren't used to nowadays in our Hip-Hop... love, let's get more of that people! This is one of the songs that wound up on the cutting room floor from his "It's the Thought That Counts" project that's coming out in April.

[audio: A_TIB.mp3]

Download: aDDLib - I Take it Back

VDub Sessions with Jabee

[youtube width="600" height="360"][/youtube]OKC artist Jabee recently hooked up with VDub Sessions (Fowler Volkswagon of Norman, the spy) which documents Oklahoma musicians on the move. The track 'Jewels' off the album 'Lucky Me' is performed by Jabee, Cookie, and Brandon on guitars. The homie managed to break record of 7 folks in the van, he got 11 people squeezed in there haha. Here's a few words from Jabee.

"Fowler Volkswagen hit me up for an episode and asked me to perform the song Jewels from "Lucky Me"  for the video...So I hit up my homegirl Cookie to sing and my friend Keri found a guitar player Brandon, and we all met that morning and played it never practiced or anything just ran through it one take one shot..."