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The Triforce of Savant x Random x Phill Harmonix Brings 'Just Wanna Know' (Remix)

Savant, Random, and Phill Harmonix... This is a trio in Hip-Hop that I can dig and backed by the brother Hexagon, it just makes it a wholoe lot better. A fantastic soulful beat is the backdrop to the troubles of today that they speak on, expression wrapped in a dope package and the latest remix done after the 4th installment of Hexagon's "Beat Flip Tuesdays." This is yet another example of Giants meeting and making it happen so peace to the movement of good music and joining forces. You can download the track below and vibe out to em.

Emcee Unless and Zilla Rocca Remixes "Ashes"

The homie Zilla Rocca remixed this gem for another Philadelphia artist that goes by Emcee Unless, which captures the essence of late night prowling and finding the one which keep moving and moves you along to the beat. I'm loving this beat that Zilla did, it really does have this wet cobblestone street nights feel to it where everything has that shine and twinkle. Hope to see a video of this someday, if not let me know the next time you're in NYC/NJ hehe.

Grimace Federation's Bosico Remixed by Aesop Rock

[youtube width="600" height="360"][/youtube]Just recently getting into Philly's psych rock/instrumental group Grimace Federation I find that Aesop Rock has remixed their Single 'Bosico' off of 'On Velvet.' The original is fantastic and this just gets better with the remix and video.