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NYPD Brutality OUTSIDE of the Pete Rock/Smif-N-Wessun Show

[youtube][/youtube]Yes use your power to administer and enforce rules to make sure the PEACE is kept. No you shouldn't start clubbing people like savage neanderthals just because you want them to leave or talked to you. NYPD this isn't your first rodeo and won't be your last but your violent clownishness must STOP if you want to keep any respect left from the people you are supposed to be serving. This act of goon-ism is disgusting and those involved should be ashamed of themselves, especially getting word that it was a peaceful event inside. Apparently they stormed in clubs at hand wanting people to leave the venue after a fight broke outside, why not just take care of the altercation where it's happening then restore order? Yeah some folks act wrong sometimes but that is also why you're there... to protect and serve not to club and abuse. Peace to Rock The Dub for the posting.