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Land Of The Way It Is & That's The Way It Is

Nasa of Uncommon Records just released his latest and it's full of that NYC sound, it's comfort audio food and I damn well ate it up while being reminded of the city. It has that positive lyrical effect that talks about neighborhoods, what his childhood was like and even 'Pasta w/ Butter'... prepared by his mother. You know, one of those records that's made to blast on the cans while taking the train to work as everyone scurries and pushes thru endlessly, or played at home while it fills the air with tales of Kings and all star emcees adding their Midas touch.

The tracks that stand out and have become personal favorites are Pasta w/Butter, Background Check (top fav), Frequent Flyers, Roses & Stones, My Ego's Big and The Future. Nasa is another emcee I would say that I comes off he genuinely enjoy making their music, I'd gladly pay that money to be able to enjoy music like this with no question. Stay personal Nasa... shit's dope.

Purchase the album Visit Uncommon Records