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Lil Giant In NASA

Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls Today my son aka Lil Giant is hitting the skies to visit one of the coolest places on earth, NASA. It's a magical place and one that many kids and some adults dreams are made of, I feel incredibly lucky that my son is going to get to see an actual launch (Soyuz 38) from mission control. Before he went to bed last night I gave him a whole speech about how great this is and that he should be aware how his blessings have brought him to go on this trip, after all that he was even more hyped to take that flight and I was even happier. Something that seemed or even now seems that far away can be as close as the person next to you and once you realize how special something like this is, that's when you tally up another one for the blessings list. The hits keep on coming and I can only stay in awe on how things work out and happen, life is a wonderful movie so learn how to sit quietly and watch the characters because that's where the magic is. I'm insanely proud of my son and this trip will only further enhance his thirst of knowledge and growth. Family is key.