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Maya Angelou Will Forever Sing

Damn... such a beautiful mind taken from us. She helped thrive our minds and nourish our hearts with the warmth of a mother, made us brave and fight for what was right. People like her come once a blue moon in an era, it's incredibly heartbreaking to hear the news that she has passed. This sucks but we have to learn how to listen to our inner being so that we in turn become better people and help minds flourish like she did. Rest in peace.

DJ Serv1's Remix to Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black'

The homie DJ Serv1 released this Amy Winehouse remix to 'Back to Black' track a few days ago. Sad to see another talented singer/artist go and soo young, let's all remember her the right way... who she was as an artist and a human who fought an arduous fight. Peace to Serv1 for the remix. Back To Black (Serv1 Remix Serato Sessions) by djserv1

Happy Birthday John

Today marks the birthday of one of Earths most prolific misunderstood minds on earth. Thank you for your contribution to the world, you made it a better place with how you touched people and made them think including myself. You were robbed of life and that will never be forgotten as it could've bought soo much more happiness to this burning twisted world we live in today.