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RJ & Technique: Grindhouse Special

[vimeo][/vimeo]I like that RJ & Technique keep releasing videos for songs for the fun of it, they have teamed up again with Katie Kesling for a grindhouse type 2'fer ("Donuts," "Red Cardboard Boxes") video. I can't help thinking about how much RJ's flow and pacing reminds me of Blu, and that is definitively a compliment just in case you're wondering. The songs are dope and the video effects while slightly repetitive do it's job well... however I do have one gripe about it all. For the effect used and how the songs are, I believe the setting or backdrop to the video could have been a bit more grimy or less ordinary to further compliment the video effects. Regardless great combination of song and the Chicago emcees do their thing as always, keep doing your thing Giants.

RJ & Technique 'Dilla Dog' Trailer

[vimeo width="600" height="345"][/vimeo]You've heard and downloaded their album 'Crash Sanaa' on the site (If not do so now!), now they have released a trailer for the track 'Dilla Dog'. Showcasing parts of Chicago and further incite to both RJ and Technique in visuals while paying tribute to the late James Yancey. The trailer keeps it clean and simple working very well showing yellow, blue and green color tones. It has a very relaxed looked to it while combining it with black and white sections. Looking forward to seeing the whole video!