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Ohini's 'Still Dreaming'

One of the many emcees that I know which always brings a certain level of knowledge to his music, Ohini Jonez shares his thoughts of race and how it feels to be on the spotlight while trying to maintain what's deemed as normal. Love this track and the beat... a lush slow-moving heavy heap of soul that caresses the ears. The dude is dope and there's no denying he knows what he speaks about.

The Color Run's "R" Us

So I thought what's the next best thing to being in India for Holi? It'd be safe to say that this might be it and what fun it will be. I've signed up for The Color Run in Jersey and it's going down September 1st, I can't wait for this and look forward to getting plastered with color bombs while running. Our team is set and the mini training starts soon. They do races around the US so if you're interested in signing up, be sure to check what race is near you and go for it. Check out their video below and see why I'm so amped for it!