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Raekwon's Butter Knives Slicin'

[vimeo 23176515]The Wu has always had a certain flavor and look to their videos and I'm happy to see that Raekwon's latest still maintains the part of Wu-Tang we all grew up with and love. Now coupled with slick angles and the HD clarity of a hawk circling the 185 Parkhill Projects, it still has a heart and a home in every HipHop fan. Some music videos (there aren't enough) now have this air to them and while reinventing the song or artist, seems that the vision that we are accustomed to has been lost in the reinventing or for art's sake. This video says Raekwon and the Wu on all levels while still looking good and current with what is used now, his image hasn't been massacred for a "dope" video. Peace to Rae and his people for keeping the image right, keep em coming.