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Prime Yeezus Re-Do's

KWY_RDWith Yeezus setting some sites in a fiery fervor or immense boredom, this might be the album that has the most controversy so far in 2013. Kanye obviously knows what he's doing regardless of how focused/unfocused you think Yeezus is but take a listen to some of these dope remixes floating around Soundcloud now.

My verdict of Yeezus: An acquired taste for sure and not everyone will appreciate it. I enjoyed it mostly.

Daisuke Tanabe's Monokle's Swan Remix

Ahh I love this type of vibe, it's a fantastic blend of dream-like sequences with free flowing range of sound. The Russian artist Monokle had his first single off the Saints EP (November, Ki Records) remixed by Daisuke Tanabe, Monokle already had a great vision and Daisuke gave his own twist to it. Good stuff all around and be sure to visit their pages for more music.


Dice Beats Remix's Kanye's Mercy

The homie Dice took Kanye's Mercy track and Juked it out with some bass to get ya jumping. The song really shines when it kicks the slow tempo bouncy tropic feel. I don't usually post remixes (2 posts today alone haha) but when it reinvents the song it's worth it especially if it sounds like this. I just whipped up a quick cover for the track too... enjoy.