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Starchild Brings 'Cold Turkey Leftovers' For Us

Starchild is back and ready to enter a new time, combining what he goes thru in actual life with his music he reflects it all in sound. The third full album release from the artist takes us on a journey through his childhood and leftover beats he's accumulated in the past two years. While random snippets adorn the 15 track package, it magically flows from one track to another like a favorite DOOM track. I can appreciate this on soo many different levels (life, sonic thoughts) and especially what he's doing if you chose to buy this project. You can download the project for free or pay whatever you want, 50% of it will be going to Cancer research. The relentless murderer known as Cancer has taken many lives and all the work that can go towards it is much needed, it has recently taken Donna Summer and Robin Gibbs and won't stop there. Peace to Starchild for sharing part of his life and helping a good cause.

<a href="">Cold Turkey Leftovers by Starchild</a>