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Sante Les Amis' Brasil... Es Verdad!

At first it's all quiet then with a funky ba-da-pa-da-paaah, the colors jump on screen and the bass starts to tell your body stuff while the Cuíca does it's thing. It has a Los Amigos Invisibles feel with a rocking out vibe and that's not a bad thing, as a matter of fact it's a damn good thing. We NEED more funky, we want more funky and Sante Les Amis got my attention the right way, now to wait patiently for their upcoming (May 27th) album  'Sudamericana' like a good Giant. Uruguay is def in the house!

Adebisi Shank Studio Thunder

Our favorite Irish red masked frontman and his cohorts of Adebisi Shank have a new track named 'Thunder', it was recorded at Entourage Studios by Toshi Kasai while on tour with Fang Island. Titled 'Thunder' but not for sure because they haven't picked out a name for it yet. Love the slight jig in the beginning and then the sound pours out. If you haven't checked out their last project 'This is the Second Album of a band called Adebisi Shank', please do 'cause it's a great rip thru sounds and good disruption. Awesome all around.

The End Is Only the Beginning for WVM

Well this is a long overdue (cause I'm impatient) EP from WVM before he releases his album on the estimated Feb. 2013. I stumbled upon his Kickstarter on October 2011 and decided to support the artist because of what I heard and came out impressed with where his music was featured, with the bits and pieces being released up to this EP I have high hopes for the album and all involved. There are certain people contributing to this EP and album that caught my eye and those are Chris Vrenna (NIN, M. Manson) and Josh Freese (NIN, DEVO, Perfect Circle), me being a NIN and M. Manson fan before he went Holy Wood, it was an instant peak of interest. Freese drums and WVM vocals goes great together, at first I didn't think the voice of WVM would be ok with the semi electronic sound but no doubts now. The EP has that awesome static electronic punch I haven't enjoyed in a while, a crystal clear indication that this guy knows what he's doing and I'm not worried at all about the outcome of the album. You can buy this EP and pre-order his album on Bandcamp now, if you want to try before you buy then below is a stream of WVM's EP. This is an independent release and not some label behind it, just a lot of work, talent, love and fans involved.

Sleep Maps Gets 'Medals' order to continue any sort of positive thematic thought audio, I would like you guys to pay attention to Sleep Maps and their upcoming EP 'Medals' coming out November 13. They will explore the shallow pageantry in awarding veterans with pieces of metal that present an illusion of importance and their forever haunting experiences, when push comes to show they get shoved and those medals mean nothing. Certain Psych or Prog-Rock has been a hit or miss with me but Sleep Maps (Bandcamp) seems to be on the right path and that is worth the time in full.