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Deal The Villain Gave The People What They Want

Elite Assembly's Deal the Villain is back with an EP of hard hitting sounds sprinkled with funk and soul, the dude hibernates for a while then always comes out with something crazy. Willing and able to smack that wise crackin internet thug grin off your face, Deal delivers witty lyrics that'll raise some eyebrows and makes you smile when he yells nostalgia markers like "blathering blatherskite!!" Hoody HipHop is at it's best blend when DTV blends in his words with an intelligent and varied sounding beat arsenal, this EP is mostly produced by himself and a PreZZure beat (favorite) that will make you snap ya neck off along with a Madlib joint. To top off a great EP he sends it off with a dope Leef produced beat for 'The Bully Bunch' at the end featuring BullyMouth (Daniel Joseph, Eggs) and Tommy Chase of St. Joe Louis), the Giants romped and stomped on this one Jersey style. DTV always got a spot here as long as he churns and smacks em out like "The People's EP." Download the EP for FREE below and as an act of gratitude to all his supporting fans he released a dope instrumental album which is also up for free, find out why DTV is a Jersey favorite for yourself and download yourself some good music.

Cyclops Channels Life in "Rap Scott Summers"

Cyclops is one of the most lyrically honest emcees I've heard and he has a new project out by the name 'Rap Scott Summers' produced entirely by Tokyo Cigar (Win!), it continues his soul searching clashing with lifes up and downs while maintaining what it takes to be labeled a great album. I am glad that more people are paying attention to Cyclops now, the album is hosted by DJ Jay Skillz and sponsored by Rock the Dub, Definition DJ's and Y Not My Dream so you know this isn't an album to pass on. Relating to Cyclops rhymes is easy because we all have these thoughts of grandeur and times of failure, certain songs like 'Exhaust, Identify, Going Nowhere Fast' and 'Fascination' show that this emcee is grounded and well aware of lifes issues while dealing with. Tokyo Cigar as usual delivers production on par with the best of them, I think he even channeled some Rza 'Liquid Swords' power in the banging track "Say Your Prayers"!All some people need is a platform and if given the right opportunity you will see them shine brighter than they ever have, that is exactly what went on in this album. Another piece that I am proud to have posted and have you all check it out, it deserves to get a through listen because it sounds fantastic. Peace to Tokyo for creating another crazy project and Cyclops for forever gaining ground in his craft. Yes... this is Hip-Hop.

The Jake's "Dream Season" EP Rises Above

Recently put out by rock the dub records, The Jake has managed to bring out this dope EP with much loved soulful head nodding production and enlisted some talented artists to boot. The "Dream Season" oozes that laid-back soul bumping Hip-Hop that I continue to love, and it starts off with a great song featuring TWICE on aspiring dreams and growth in life which sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the EP. Much more than just "raps" and bars, it speaks to you with The Jake's beats and their classic repeat worthy sound. I can see myself listening to this in the early morning, chilling while talking or driving, it also lends itself very well to rainy days when all you wanna do is 'lax. I'm gonna get outta here now, I gotta go delete this promo copy, head to iTunes ($3.99!!) and support the brother for a great EP. For a track preview hear the "The Flyness" track below which features J.Gunn, Rhymageddon, Classical The Great, & Diablo Archer!

[audio: TJ-TF.mp3]

St Joe Louis 'Good Morning' Indeed...

[vimeo][/vimeo]Gawwwwwdang they finally made a video to one of my favorite Hip-Hop songs! Even used it in a video I did for Maldonado's 42nd St. Mural that was in NYC. St. Joe Louis (Michael CardiganElete and Tommie Chase) just released the 'Good Morning' vid to the wild and thanks to Visual High Life it looks great. The contrast and colors work extremely well to convey the "just gettin up" feeling and maintains the qualities which leave a positive impact after watching it. None of the typical Hip-Hop video novelties are present and that is always welcomed, stay true to life and forget that superficial fluff! Peace to Khal for sending this over. Their single of 'Good Morning' was also recently released on iTunes, DJ Download and Juno Download courtesy of RTD Records. Support music that actually tells a story and gives a message!

Curly Castro's 'Winston's Appeal' feeds the palette

Philly artist Curly Castro has released 'Winston's Appeal', an album that has many sounds and versed with his life experiences. Presented by Rock The Dub and Three Dollar Pistol 'Winston's Appeal' has that deeper than most Hip-Hop, boom bap, dub, a touch of RnB, spoken word... word? Yeah this album got the good sounds and they actually work pretty well, Curly Castro's lyrics touch the mind and not just on a thin layer surface but beyond. Another album I'm glad to have crossed paths with and another dope emcee for life, check out the album below and let Curly know how ya feel! Oh yeah the artwork is looking fantastic too and ... "We have no choice but rebel, otherwise we have no voice and the boys meant well."