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Santiago's Águilas Cibaeñas First Experience

With our trip to Dominican Republic last week we had the great pleasure of going to an Águilas Cibaeñas baseball game with the family. It was my first time going so I was all eyes and ears the whole time, it turned out to be an awesome experience even tho we (they) lost 5-4 to the Leones del Escogido (Santo Domingos team). It was a good sized stadium but nothing that compares to the stadiums here in size so every seat was a good seat which is... well good. What did surprise me tho was the simple security (check bags and basic pat down) going in, the food vendors, and the whole atmosphere of the place. They actually sold fruit and the tasty pizza slices from Pizzarelli's which the vendors cut in front of you, they also sold the regular snacks and they played Merengue throughout the whole game... too cool.

Different when compared to an American Baseball game in most ways but the main focus was without a doubt on the game. While every one cheered and drank and danced (yes) there were the die-hard fans sitting, waiting for that inevitable scream or 'I told you so' heckle for their compadre. Even my mother-in-law got in on the action, she started arguing with two grown men and telling them the shut up haha!! Also with any 20oz soda they passed you cups with ice, I am starting to think that no one in DR drinks over 8-12oz of liquid at one time. The pizza was great, drinks were cold, family together enjoying a nice game and making fun of the opposing team guy in back of us... yeah it was a good night for sure.

I showed up on the big screen a few times too, one had me with the camera in front of my face taking shots and the other two was us acting all crazy and rowdy haha. That's when I got a call from my aunt obviously in Spanish "Boy where they hell are you guys? I just saw you on screen, I'm going to go and get you" since she's cool she had first row seats near first base and took Lil Giant and I down right behind the dugout. It was a great vibe with everyone having fun while checking the game out and my aunt scolding others for yelling things that don't go in favor of their team. I even snapped a shot of a guy cheering for the opposing team getting heckled by us for a lost hit, he kept talking trash the whole game and won so every chance we got we bothered him hehe. Overall it was a great experience and yes I got an Águilas fitted, I can't wait to go back already, this December weather is killing me!

I got some more DR pics to come, hope you enjoy these.