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Rockstar Games Preview of Max Payne 3 En Bom Estado

Yesterday we sat down with the folks at Rockstar Games for a preview of their upcoming (March 2012) Max Payne 3 game, they showed us the new changes and a great looking gameplay demo. This series is responsible for all the games that have used bullet-time, a feature that has become one of the first mentioned features in most shooting games. In part 3 Max is now living in Hoboken as a washed up cop then he travels to São Paulo Brazil as private security for daughter of a friend. Sporting a beard and a baldy look time around, you can tell that all the past inner conflicts and problems have aged ol Max down a bit. The graphics are pretty amazing and felt near seamless from the transition of cutscenes to live gameplay, they mixed the old graphic novel style with the new models so gone are the painted stills in between levels. During the gameplay we talked about them choosing Brazil and the individual motion capture implementation for each and every (yes each) character in the game which was rather impressive. The transition from NY, NJ to Brazil was fitting since São Paulo is the worlds biggest urban setting in the western hemisphere (Thanks Rockstar), so Max still feels comfortable with his new environment even with the drastic distance from home. Bullet-time is back and has some new features added to the list, now you can control the speed of the bullet for that ultimate cinematic feel along with a slow-mo kill shot indicating that you have killed every man standing. When Max lands from bullet-time you will see him use his body as a real person would to soften the fall, he will also have what seems to be 360 degree control when shooting while in that mode and it looked fantastic. As far as the music is concerned they told me that unfortunately no details can be leaked yet but to expect what they've been doing from their recent games (very interested in this) to be present.

The graphics are looking really good (360 demo) so far and the motions are realistic, you can see Max use his body weight to shift running from one side to the other. The typical look in games this generation for humans is the shiny (kind of annoying) plastic models, I'm happy to report that it all looks pretty natural and Max's model looks lifelike without those nasty polygon issue connecting arms to shoulder that we've seen. The demo started in his apartment and ends with a frantic gun fight with a local mobster because Max recently killed his son, so lovers of that noir classic feel rest easy knowing you will see the grit here in full bloom or shall I say shadow. Overall it was a great experience and having the time to talk about the new location, features and changes was excellent, the game is shaping up to be a must buy from what I saw yesterday. I'd like to thank the Giants at Rockstar Games for taking the time out to show us the game and discussing what's going on, stay tuned for Max Payne 3 my people cause its gonna be a good one.

It was interesting to see where they were going to place Max since the life or lack of and family that he had is no where in sight, I feel the location and job setting is very fitting and coupled along with the impressive look. It's nice to see older franchises brought back with better original concepts and not just stick to cookie cutter storytelling... then again it's Rockstar we're talking about, they usually push those right buttons in the end. The game is scheduled to come out for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on March 2011. I will be getting the 360 version myself after seeing it in action, also props to the folks at Rockstar for hooking it up with the swag and staying Giant.

For more information visit the Official Max Payne 3 site.