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A Grand Memorial for Russian Circles

RC_MI'm mad that I sort of wrote these guys off in the beginning and immensely happy that I'm enjoying their sounds now. This entire album is one smooth, aggressive and moving experience after another, it calms you at the start assuring you it'll be ok then 'Deficit' throws you off a jagged cliff into the cold dead waters. It becomes your soundtrack and you see yourself surrounded by a world created within this album and then '1777' plays, a beautiful melodic piece that I've had on repeat more times that I probably should haha. Constantly running guitars and drums that you wouldn't think twice on doubting their skill, it's best to talk about what it sounds like because music is about emotion and 'Memorial' is full of deep falls, dark hues and cold weather. I'm not going to get into what type of Metal this is and start labeling or creating sub-genres for a band like Russian Circles but I will say that 'Memorial' has quite a few different sounds that takes it away from being any kind of typical album. This album has a beautiful dissociative identity disorder and it works to its benefit as it shows the musical range for the band. 'Memorial' is just a little over 37 minutes but while you're in it, that doesn't matter because of how easy all the songs transition into the next while being completely different beasts at the same time. I highly recommend this album for anyone that love music with some bite to it, Russian Circles latest is unequivocally WGM approved. The album drops October 29th, you can also listen to three tracks below and hear why this has quickly become a personal favorite.

This is the Way it Goes Says Zorch

Z_TISTIGWhat the hell is this?! At first it sounds like an Atropolis beat that goes into carnival mode with hallucinogenic vocals. The duo Zorch has an interesting sound for their debut album to say the least... Ohh oh ehh oh, this is the way it goes! Some Santigold and Cumba Mela mixed in as well... damn it's all over the place and it's a lot of damn fun. Yep, I likes this and love it's cymbal clash mixture of sounds. This crazy sound is off Zorch's new album 'Zzoorrcchh' (Sargent House) coming up July 23, 2013, you can also listen to their first single "We All Die Young" and pre-order the album here.

Adebisi Shank Studio Thunder

Our favorite Irish red masked frontman and his cohorts of Adebisi Shank have a new track named 'Thunder', it was recorded at Entourage Studios by Toshi Kasai while on tour with Fang Island. Titled 'Thunder' but not for sure because they haven't picked out a name for it yet. Love the slight jig in the beginning and then the sound pours out. If you haven't checked out their last project 'This is the Second Album of a band called Adebisi Shank', please do 'cause it's a great rip thru sounds and good disruption. Awesome all around.

Zechs Marquise Smokin Up 'Everlasting Beacon Of Light'

[vimeo][/vimeo] Mars Volta sibling band Zechs Marquise has a new video out for the trip-hop sounding 'Everlasting Beacon of Light' from their last album 'Getting Paid', and as the song progresses the visuals get much more engaging just like the song. The Zechs Marquise is a sideband for Marcel of Mars Volta, not sure how these guys and Omar do it but it's always dope and different than everything out. It starts off all smooth and smoky then it gets amped a few levels for the end. Great song and now it has great visuals to accompany it.

Adebisi Shank Lets It Rip Live on 'International Dreambeat'

[youtube][/youtube]What are you watching? Well I honestly don't quiet fully get it yet but I do know it's fantastically (real word... I promise) bizarre awesomeness. With the catchy opening sounding like a kids toy being circuit-bent, it then explodes into a blaring, clapping and seizure inducing sound fest that leaves you wondering what the fuck is going on and why haven't I got more of this music. Well glad to inform yall I bring you this video that was recorded at this years Electric Picnic so I can slowly introduce you to the sound of Adebisi Shank and the arranged apocalyptic battle scene of their last album "This is the Second Album of a band called Adebisi Shank" and yes that's the real name. Enjoy!