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The Triforce of Savant x Random x Phill Harmonix Brings 'Just Wanna Know' (Remix)

Savant, Random, and Phill Harmonix... This is a trio in Hip-Hop that I can dig and backed by the brother Hexagon, it just makes it a wholoe lot better. A fantastic soulful beat is the backdrop to the troubles of today that they speak on, expression wrapped in a dope package and the latest remix done after the 4th installment of Hexagon's "Beat Flip Tuesdays." This is yet another example of Giants meeting and making it happen so peace to the movement of good music and joining forces. You can download the track below and vibe out to em.

State Bar AZ Cypher: Round 1 Prod. by Marvel76

Ever find yourself saying "What's Arizona's hip hop scene like"? The homie Savant just sent me a hell of an example brought by Donuts & Milk... it features Visions of the Sun, Random (AKA Megaran), Mr. Miranda, Medaforacle, and Savant. Ok I know Savant and Megaran as ultra talented emcess, the rest I am new to and can already see myself hunting for some of their tracks. Peep the track and see what's good in AZ! State Bar AZ Cypher (prod. by Marvel76) by Savant aka Stanstro

Random, Savant & Hexagon: Valley of Doom

Some more 8-Bit lovin in Hip-Hop with the latest release by Random, Savant & Hexagon in 'Valley of Doom' with production by DN³ and original sample provided by Bear McCreary. A neck snapping track with a dope bass line, our homie Savant going in on the track with Mega Ran and Hexagon, flow consistent with confidence on high def worth a download. Also be sure to look out on January 31st for Random's release of "Black Materia: Mega Ran in Final Fantasy VII."