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Rhymageddon the 'Sergeant of Spit' Proves Right

NJ Hip-Hop emcee Rhymageddon has come back with a new album 'Sergeant of Spit' and it has a fresh new sound compared to the lyrical and sound smash that he's known for. I've sat down with the brother before the release and discussed his new sound, with this album you can see that the growth in his music is coming thru in full effect. A heavy and true supporter of New Jersey artists this is chock full o' NJ love from the beginning to end, it's great to see such a powerful group of emcees, artists and producers come together in one dope album for a dope emcee. Rhym is well known for rippin heads off and pulverizing others in his tracks and live acts, here he shows that there is another side to him and it's equally as good if not better. From 'All My Friends', 'NJHipHopIzDaMovement' to 'Pass Dat' a varied spectrum of Hip-Hop flavor is present and shows the work that he has put into this project, def not a one trick pony Rhymageddon has a plentiful and potent album in his hands... and so should you. Listen to the hit single 'All My Friends' featuring Orikl below:

[audio: R-AMF.mp3]

Get your copy on his site HERE and follow him on Twitter.

And yes NJ HipHop is at it's peak of the game, hope more take notice or it will smack them in the back of the head when it rolls thru.