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Short Fuze & Nasa's Toxicology Music

The dynamic HipHop duo Short Fuze & Nasa from Uncommon Records has returned once again, last year they bought us Lobotomy Music and 2011 brings Toxicology Music. Toxicology brings the "put yo fist in the air" attitude and thought that Uncommon is known for, it has that certain off beat feeling that builds their unique sound and is hard to confuse with the work of others. Their style and how it comes out always reminds me of something Rage Against the Machine could've been a part of if they properly blended with the indie HipHop scene. Instead of all the material and self boasting ego trips (or total opposite) that we are used to in this genre (or PopHop), Short Fuze and Nasa spit words of thought and empowerment in self and environment... how can that be bad when it sounds soo good? While halfway listening to the album I briefly thought that some of the beats felt a little too far from the timing flow of their lyrics but I was wrong. Not sure why I thought that exactly but after a revisit to the tracks that thought was laid to rest, also having an outer HipHop genre feeling to it it's what I like best about it. Bleeps, screeches, and even certain parts that remind me of 'Big Trouble in Little China' ('In Your Hands Now') along with some boom bap made my ears happy throughout. The remix to 'Don't Feed the Machine' by Megabusive grew on me more than I thought, I literally saw a big metal hunching enemy heading towards me while listening which is awesome. Something about Nasa's work feel very cinematic in sound and always sparks a thought on what he was seeing when creating the music. I have to give it to Nasa on the work put into this album, the guy knows what he's doing and when accompanied by Short Fuze it truly does become a complete package and something that they can be proud they were a part of.

Knowing that there's music like this where I can safely say I would put money down is saying a lot nowadays. Many collectives work together for different reasons, all I know is that Short Fuze and Nasa bring something worthwhile to the table that everyone should try to get a piece of. It goes farther than just an album, with it also comes a frame of mind most of us want others to have. Aggressiveness in sound if executed wisely can make you think different, this is one of those instances, it's not just HipHop... it's life.

... I wish I had more music like this to listen to. Check out 'Sun Crusher' below!