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Jo_Def Mixology Tape

JD_MixoI just listened to the perfect mix for a Friday, or shall I say a Friday where you soar thru soulful futuristic goodness that takes you from flat to gouraud and finishing with phong shaded purple mountains towering over you. Obviously this isn't your regular beat tape and this Mixology Radio Show mix made by Jo_Def blows a lot of cats away, not to mention him having a personal favorite LAKIM on this tape a few times... icing on the cake. Do yourself that audio pleasure and get with this, pay much attention and vibe with it cause the homie can put together a damn good tape.

The Love Lounge: Last Night Changed It All EP

Disco is still loved and alive in 2012 deeply by many of us, you just have to find the right group of people who play it! Thankfully the good folks at Liquid Beat Records know that and keeps it soulfully bumping and thumpin, they have released The Love Lounge: Last Night Changed It All EP using the iconic track by Esther Williams that we all know and groove to remade into different sounds by different artists. The EP is a classy one that will have you shuffling as if in Studio 54 in its heyday with the multitude of lights and people swaying in the night. Whatever you want to call this Nu-Disco, Soul Disco, Boom Bapsco, it's just too good to pass up and you my brothers and sisters need to get up on this cause.... Last Night.

You can get the 12" at 360 Vinyl. The EP is also available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

Rob Milton Shines Today & Tomorrow

It's Tuesday and you're at work (well most of us), you need something to pick ya up from the slump and grind right? Ok then give this Rob Milton album a spin (clicks) and get your mind right, a soulful journey into sound that will have you laying back and wondering what the big fuss was all about. It's always good to have a nice balance in music and I actually needed this right now, just good music and positive vibes all around to set the day. It just feels good, it's that simple and you should sit and enjoy the flowers and they music rides out.