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Random's Mega Ran 10 Does Gamers Justice

Video game rap hasn't really grown on me with the exception of a select few tracks here and there, but 'Mega Ran 10' is on a whole new level and strays FAR away from that awkward "Nerdcore" mess. Mega Ran aka Random's 'Mega Ran 10' carries the Giant approval stamp and shows that my video game hobby which I hold dear can co-exist in total harmony with Hip-Hop and not feel TOO geeky/out-of-place like that emcee in the G4 commercials... yikes! I've been following Random for quite some time now and for unknown reasons never bought any music from him until now, his whole presentation brings awesome nostalgic thoughts and looks dope thanks to the art of Thor Thorvaldson, Jr. The album which is inspired by the soundtrack of Mega Man 10 will be easily enjoyed by fans of the hobby/art and music genre, especially if you're fond of the lil blue wonder by Capcom or have strong nostalgic (guilty) memories. My favorites are Lookin' Up, A Hero's Lament, The Day The Robots Took Over, Pump It Up!, Now Hiring, Mega Man Forever, and The big Chill but I honestly rather listen to the album as a whole instead of picking and playing a few tracks. It's safe to say that I got no problem playing this album out and basking in its geekdom to folks that don't even like video games, usually you reserve that type of music for when you're driving alone haha. The track "Pump It Up" felt like a good Hip-Hop house party and I can see folks yelling "ohhh yes!!!" with that dance floor full o' people grooving to it... just wanted to say that. There was one track that bothered me a bit and it was "Ten," it started fantastic but that hi-hat'ish sound was way too loud and overpowered his lyrics because it made me focus in on that tsst, tsst, tssttst(!!) instead but that's my only complaint overall. Overall you can tell they enjoyed making this album (over a year) because it's flat-out fun and good Hip-Hop, who knew 8-Bit could be this nod-worthy in 2011?

Thanks for giving us gamers another artist to turn to and letting people know it isn't just about socially inept guys living inside their minds rhyming about WoW or (Insert sports game that uses licensed tracks), you guys created something awesome that anyone can enjoy. Random does a great service to gamers and emcees with 'Mega Ran 10' while feeding us sweet pixels of 8-Bit ear-candy that makes you wanna take out that NES for another blast or two. I will be looking forward to my signed poster and vinyl, let's just say I'm thanking God I got music and games to keep my mind off the waiting time.

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