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Starchild 'Astro Fox' Power Waves

Giant fam Starchild has release tape 1 out of 12 in a new beat series called Cosmic Creatures entitled 'Astro Fox', a spacey mix of funky goodness that will make the Tarantula Nebula seem like a kids project. Oh yeah 'Hank's Finest'... yes sweet lord yes, there's King of the Hill sample! Gotta love the intro, mid-tro and outro tracks, this whole tape can ride out and sounds great at high volumes. Give it a listen and drop some currency support for the talent. Can't wait to hear the rest of the albums!

Starkey - Holodeck Ft. Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro

Starkey, Zilla Rocca, and Curly Castro together in a DOPE track that just made me lose what I was going to write about it haha. I don't know much about Dubstep but I know what I like and this space infused track is a good one, you get mind visuals and all with it. Love the way the beat sounds like a fights about to start in Star Trek or when it's about to get real for some folks on the opposing team. I'll let the track speak for itself because it's better heard than talked about. If this is what dubstep sounds like then count me in!

*Door opens* SHIIIIIFPT!

As the three men stood there wiping purple blood off their faces, everybody runs for the doors... it all goes into a magenta-blue slow-mo sequence while lazers beam and people scream. Smile on their faces. *thumbs up*

Datahowler orbits space with 'Slowdrifter'

Outer space is a place where rockets and satellites orbit, atoms spark, gases and objects propel against each other creating stars, planets, colorful streaks of light and silent noise... yes no one can hear you scream when there too. Datahowler has managed to fit this in a 14 track body of work where it provides an audio experience into the unknown, and provides a soundtrack to your voyage. An amazing feeling of no gravity and sounds that make you visualize what it would feel like to be amongst the stars, impressive in structure and composition with everything being played by Datahowler himself makes this album much more loved. Inspired by "1950s science fiction aesthetic" 'Slowdrifter' has nailed it and reached the point of galaxy nirvana in my ears. The way it all melts together and plays out like a movie while tracks becoming some of your favorite beats is too good. Not much music has come out that comes this close to giving you your own personal trip to space while sounding this good. I can't honestly pick a favorite track because as a whole it just works and never feel that a track has brought the experience down. The album provides 14 scenes for you, some sounding very different yet cohesive. Super happy to be a part of the Datahowler Kickstarter I am dying to get my CD and cassette of the project, but the digital album will do for now! Giving me visions of tin rockets, video game shooters, ray guns, shiny astronaut suits, little green men, and Hubble telescope vision this is an album that I recommend to all my space Giants looking to escape the earth we walk on.

I chose to not compare this album to others because it's on a rocket of it's own and it's experience warrants just that.

Purchase 'Slowdrifter now at iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon. If you want to hear the album see below.

Bilal 'Levels' Directed by Flying Lotus

[youtube width="600" height="355"][/youtube]Flying Lotus making his directorial debut with Bilal 'Level's' and once again creates something that can only be seen in dreams or under intake of certain questionables. A beautiful video with outer world vision who also features Shafiq Husayn, Thundercat, Erykah Badu, keeps the consistency of the fantastic 'MmmHmm' video.  As always a visual treat and now accompanied by the great Bilal makes it all the better.

Datahowler - Dazees

Datahowler just released the second single off of 'Slowdrifter', an exciting project that comes out on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Rhapsody on January 25th, 2011. I can't wait to get the stuff I ordered from the Kickstarter project for this album, I'm even getting a cassette of the album! This new track is made with "lots of love," has absolutely no samples on it and all instruments are played by Datahowler himself. Instruments used are the Guitar, Korg Polysix, Roland Juno G, Vocals, Piano, Bongos, Bass, Claves, Wood Blocks and Triangle... pretty crazy spacy if you ask me. The track stays true to the great sound he has crafted for the album and follows the first single 'Prophet.'

You can still support the album and get some good stuff if you pledge HERE.

Dazees by Datahowler