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NY Comic Con Thoughts Part 2

Verse two, coming with that Olde E brew err.. I meant Comic Con part 2 with a bit more of the toys on display, from the awesome threeA figures, Square Enix Batman, Bandai's incredibly extensive Gundam (not Gangnam) line to a ridiculously cool custom Galactus figure/statue someone made in Artist Alley. There are quite a few more shots to share (40+) on here and will be posted in-between the music and art, I don't want to take over the site with these shots but still show you the pure awesome of what is Comic Con for those that didn't go. I hope that with these shots you get that itch to go and get your pass for next years convention!

The One Cam 1st Anniversary Contest

WGM is teaming up with TheOneCam and Image Anime to give out a few goodies to our figure enthusiasts and Paying it forward on their 1st anniversary. See  below for TheOneCam's details and stay tuned!!

A Contest | On October 28, 2010, this small photo bloggity blog-site will hit its 1st year anniversary mark! To commemorate the occasion, along with the help of our friendly supporters — IMAGE ANIME & WHEN GIANTS MEET.COM (please check them out!), we will be giving away free FIGURES!!! It’s our way of saying thank you!

What you see right now is the out-of-print Devout and Knight figures from the Final Fantasy Mini Trading Figure series. You have a chance to own these 2 incredible figures! But wait, there’s MORE! These 2 figures are only a runner up prize! We will have 2 runner ups (quite possibly more) and 1 grand prize winner! What’s the grand prize you say? Let’s just say it’s the figure why this site has gotten 25k hits in 1 day! I think you already know what it is. You have to wait and see in the coming days as we reveal the other runner up prize and the contest rules! How does the contest work? It’s really easy, it’s a fair guessing game, and it’s open to anyone! So keep watching out! Because by October 28th, we will have a winner! While you wait, check out friends at IMAGE ANIME & WHEN GIANTS MEET.COM!