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There comes a time in ones life to recognize what’s important in this world, everyone strives for that bit of happiness that brings them much joy and that joy is called Nintendo Switch haha. Starchildluke is releasing beat albums to help fund a Switch purchase, the man is talented so know you’re getting quality. Listen below and support the fam!

This is VENOMTAPE , the brand new beat tape from UK producer Starchildluke. It comes as part of his #Road2Switch series where all proceeds from the series will go towards a fund to get him a Nintendo Switch. This is actually the second installment of the series, with Boas Festas released in December 2018.

VENOMTAPE is comprised of rock samples from the 60s all the way to the present day, in a similar vein to Madlib’s Rock Konducta  project. You’ve got some psychedelic rock, krautrock, math rock, jazz rock, and a few Randy Savage promos to glue the project together.
But why Venom? Here’s what he had to say:
“Venom is my favourite supervillain not called DOOM and I wanted to show my love in the best way I could: through music. Using rock samples also got me out of my comfort zone.” – Starchildluke

Starchild also said to expect sequels as the series continues through 2019 with an album every month.

VENOMTAPE will also be out on Spotify soon.

BOWSERTAPE is the second tape of the series and is made up of samples from mainly R&B and soul, with some easy listening and pop thrown in for good measure.

“Bowser's pursuit of Princess Peach is notorious and problematic so I wanted to make an alternative love album on that concept.” – Starchildluke

Simbrula Nox's Darkness of Erebos

This album came out a while ago but I recently had the chance to hear it and was pleasantly surprised by the mood set and how well it sounded. Simbrula Nox concept takes the simple yet complicated feelings of depression and sadness and revolves them around you in beat form. This album starts to take actual effect and you actually start feeling at a heavier state, it's sound surrounds itself around you and create illusions of disillusionment at altered states... with that said I'd like to say mission accomplished to Simbrula. Beats panning from soul to Hip-Hop with each track melting into the next one very well also. Erebos is def an enjoyable album and worth the purchase from the UK homie, listen below and enjoy then let him know what you think on Twitter.