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Not Likely: Latest from LMFAO and Pitbull

As I sit here on the fourth of July with a wack toothache and a semi-empty stomach, I decided to torture my ears instead so it softens the tooth pain. In comes the new installment of 'Not Likely' where I do some quick-shot reviews to albums that I'd normally not cross paths with. No offense to those that like these artists... after all it's just another opinion and someone that prefers something (ahem) different. Today's ammo is LMFAO's 'Sorry For Party Rocking' and Pitbull's 'Planet Pit', these will be the guinea pigs for the first 'Not Likely'. It will be swift, quick and unapologetic because it's better that way... Enjoy.

20110704-080739.jpgOff the bat it starts with an annoying fist pumping hype building disaster of a intro... "and what we do is.... Rock the beat" no, no you don't. I will admit that the bass at times was nod worthy but in no way did it help for the glittery, sweaty smelling mess of their lyrics. It's about having fun they say, guess my fun was had when I was forwarding tracks. I felt like I was stuck in a time warp with a guy that just learned how to use Reason. I can see their songs being played at parties because of their sound but I can't see myself at these parties and actually having fun, their bass is ok but everything else can go back to the drawing board.

LMFAO more like GTFOH.

20110704-084505.jpg Ahh Pitbull how you've grown in the hookman business after some albums. Yep your everywhere like T-Pain was, even in a Jennifer Lopez (yikes but it pays) song and rocking worldwide in your man-capri's and tight jackets. The man gets heavy air play no matter what Z100 is playing, rightfully so as it seems that he works hard to stay up on the latest playlist on the radio. Knowing that this was Pitbull's album I still felt like he was being featured on someone else's tracks, having the likes of Ne-Yo, Marc Anthony, and T-Pain won't help it either. Reminiscent of 2 In A Room which is good, he can still bump that bass in a good way but gets lost in the spots he has and does throughout his career. After "Culo" I think he has lost his power in retaining the alpha dog sound of party bass, guess that's what the Miami night lights do to ya after a while.

Pitbull your not horrible, just wish it felt like you really have a solo album to get the party pumpin. I applaud you for staying Latino by way, some forget they are from the block and their roots.