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Enter Flash in 2011

So tinkering with my new Speedlite flash that Momma Giant got for me this Christmas has shined a new light (no pun intended) on photography for me. I honestly hated using artificial light for photographs, no matter the subject matter... it just wasn't happening. Obviously I was going by the on board little flash that all cameras have which wasn't a great thing, but regardless I thought it was always too harsh or not enough. Enter Christmas I unwrap the Speedlite 43oEX II and dashed to get my camera... oh I need to recharge the batteries ahhh, so I waited like an impatient feverish child. It's a great starter flash so far and I am enjoying it more than what I thought I would, due to all these snow (bleh) storms I haven't had a chance to do more with it.

Now there is a whole new aspect of photography that I have to learn about and am excited to see what I can come up with and shoot. In finding out what I want to take shots of I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to be the guy with 10 flashes and an umbrella with a bunch of rigs, that just isn't fun for me at all. More prone to taking pictures of objects or landscapes is becoming my thing now as I stray away from portraits slowly but surely. I find there is more wonder in scenery and objects than a person and think this flash will give me that extra kick in my images to come. A new realm of techniques and feeling in my photography... yeah sounds pretty damn cool to me. If you have any words to share on Speedlites let a Giant know, I'm going to need it in my upcoming travels.